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XPS 8500 GPU Upgradability


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XPS 8500 GPU Upgradability

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I'm thinking about getting the $899 version of the XPS 8500 and I noticed that it has an Amd Radeon HD 7570 GPU that requires a power supply of 400W or greater. The wattage is according to the AMD website. I'm looking to upgrade to a GeForce GTX 550 Ti which also requires the same amount of power. This is according to the GeForce website. My concern is whether or not the Amd Radeon HD 7570 requires an external power cord, because the GeForce GTX 550 Ti requires one, a 6-pin slot to be specific. If the Amd Radeon HD 7570 is installed with an external power cord, then the replacement will be fairly simple. However, if it isn't installed with an external power cord, then my guess is that it will make things a little bit more difficult when replacing it with the GeForce GTX 550 Ti. I will be forced to somehow add another power cord from the PSU to externally power the GeForce GTX 550 Ti. My question, then, is whether or not the Amd Radeon HD 7570 GPU is powered by an external power cord in the $899 version of the XPS 8500. Thank you.

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  • CONFIRMED: The xps 8500 has two 6 pin pcie connectors for the graphics card. Just got mine a few hours ago. Any tips or good things to know?

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  • I ordered that exact model and it is arriving later this week. I was planning on putting a 560se or 7770 ghz edition into mine. I will look at what connectors are free. Although, my guess is that it uses A 4 pin that powers a hdd. If you look at the pictures on Dell's site, the internal view showes a 4 pin power hdd connector that is coiled up. Many of the videocard manufacturers include a 4 pin power to 6 pin or 4 pin pci express adapter. I'll let you know as soon as i get it out of the box. The 7570 does not use a connector... Thats forsure.
  • Thanks. I did some research and apparently the same power supply that is used in the xps 8300 is the one used in the xps 8500 as well. And that power supply has 2 6-pin connectors. Also, to my surprise, a lot of people are trying to do exactly what you and I are doing, and that's upgrading the gpu on this model. I decided to go with the radeon hd 6850 because it also requires one 6-pin connector and it's barely usable with the 460 Watt power supply in the xps 8500.

  • If it's of any interest, Dell says the AMD Radeon HD7770 and Nvidia GeForce GT620 are on a list of video cards for the XPS 8500.

    That doesn't mean other cards won't work, but Dell apparently has tested these two.

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  • I received my XPS 8500 last week and installed my GeForce 550Ti in it.  It has the necessary power lead, but the card is locking up the system when under a bit of load.  It's been suggested to me that the PSU might not be sufficient... but the specs for this system list the PSU a460W.   I'm hoping it's a defective Video Card (only 2 months old) as this system should run this video card according to the specs.

  • I was also thinking about getting the 550 ti, but when I was looking online on the power it consumes, it seems that it's lower than most when in idle. However, when it is under load it, the consumption shoots up to a greater extent when compared to other cards. This is according to the following links:




    It also depends on the power output of the +12V of the psu. Also, does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade the psu on this xps 8500 model?

  • The EVGA FPB version only requires a 400 watt PSU and benchmarks I saw showed it's max TDP as around 120 watts. The Dell oage says it can handle up to 225 watts of graphic card. 

  • Well, if the 7770 is compatible with the xps 8500, then the 550 ti should be as well because both require a 6-pin pci express power connector. And like you said, I can get a 4 pin pcie to 6 pin adapter if I need to.

  • CONFIRMED: The xps 8500 has two 6 pin pcie connectors for the graphics card. Just got mine a few hours ago. Any tips or good things to know?

  • Thank you for confirming. I've been trying to be sure of that for a while now. As for tips, I'm not much of an expert. All I know is what I've researched. I just ordered a powercolor radeon hd 6850 to replace the standard 7750 that will come with the xps 8500. Here's is a thread that was very helpful in my decision. Hope it helps you: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/851494-ATI-Radeon-HD-6850-on-a-460W-PSU

  • I'll let you know if everything works out.

  • Can i use a sapphire 6870 on the stock psu?? the tdp is lower than the 225watt that dell lists.

  • According to this,www.guru3d.com/.../10, it looks like you'd really being pushing it with a 6870. It also requires two 6 pin cords rather than one, making it much more demanding power wise. Then again, I'm not much of an expert. If it helps, I recently installed my powercolor 6850 and it's working great right now. I was worried about the temperature but it never goes above 62 Celsius and idles around 35. Also, even though I would like to, I am not overclocking at all because others have recommended that I not do so due to the 460W psu. I would suggest doing more research just to be certain. I would like to be able to tell you more, but honestly I'm not that experienced. If and when you do decide, make sure that it fits in the case. I wanted to get the sapphire version, but it's height was an inch or so longer than the size allowed in the case. The dimensions of the powercolor hd 6850 graphics card is 8.5" x 4.38" x 1.5." I hope this helps you.

  • Musubz, I have read through this thread and the links in your posts.  How is the powercolor hd 6850 performing in your computer?  Any hicccups with the power supply?  I'm really interested in following what you did to upgrade your xps 8500.

  • I've had it for I think 3 weeks and so far I haven't had any problems whatsoever. At the same time, except for dirt3 that came free with the graphics card, I haven't played any games that really tested the gpu. When I play dirt3 on high settings and 4X MLAA, the highest temperature it's ever reached is 67 Celsius at I think 70 fps. As for the power supply, I haven't had any issues neither. I just try to be careful by not having programs running in the background that I don't need or use. I just uninstall them. Also, for my headphones, I use a usb power adapter to externally power them even though I can plug it into the pc. Headphones I think don't take too much power to operate, but I do that just in case. Back to the temperature, I should note that I live near the bay area in California where right now the temperature in my room rarely goes above 85 Fahrenheit which is I think almost 30 Celsius. Hope that helps.

  • How much extra room do you have with that video card? Do you think there's an extra 1/2 inch length and width wise for a larger card? Or is 8.5" x 4.38" as big as the card can be for it to fit?