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Dell XPS 8300 POST BEEP CODE 5-5-5-5?


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Dell XPS 8300 POST BEEP CODE 5-5-5-5?

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Essentially, I get 5 beeps in a row, and this repeats. No idea what this code is, can't find it on google.

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  • Hi Ssimmons117,

    In your manual, this is listed as a real time clock failure. If your system is still under warranty, I would contact Dell.

  • You could try to replace the DL2032 Battery.

     Duracell 3-volt Lithium Battery for Electronic Organizers Dl2032
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    From Page 31 of the Setup guide.


    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    Removing the Coin-Cell Battery

    1. Record all the screens in system setup (see System Setup Utility) so that you can restore the correct settings after the new coin-cell battery has been installed.

    2. Follow the instructions in Before You Begin.

    3. Remove the computer cover (see Removing the Computer Cover).

    4. Locate the battery socket on the system board (see System Board Components).

     CAUTION: If you pry the battery out of its socket with a blunt object, be careful not to touch the system board with the object. Ensure that the object is inserted between the battery and the socket before you attempt to pry out the battery. Otherwise, you may damage the system board by prying off the socket or by breaking circuit traces on the system board.

    1. Press the battery-release lever to remove the coin-cell battery.


    battery-release lever


    coin-cell battery


    battery socket

    1. Set aside the battery in a secure location.

    Replacing the Coin-Cell Battery

    1. Follow the instructions in Before You Begin

    2. Insert the new coin-cell battery (CR2032) into the socket with the side labeled "+" facing up, and press the coin-cell battery into place.


    coin-cell battery


    battery socket

    1. Replace the computer cover (see Replacing the Computer Cover).

    2. Connect your computer and devices to electrical outlets, and then turn them on.

    3. Enter system setup (see System Setup Utility) and restore the settings you recorded in step 1.

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