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OptiPlex 760 Flashing Amber light on system board

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Please help, when I push the power button the #3 light comes on then goes off.  I tried pushing the button on the back of the power supply if I hold it down it will come on but the PC will not boot up and amber light on the motherboard will flash from dim to bright.  I can't figure out if its the power supply or motherboard.  Thanks.

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    Sounds like a hardware problem. If # 3 comes up in front of tower this is a motherboard failure. Try unplugging the power cord at the back, once removed hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Then connect the power cord and try again. If no go, can you try to reseat drive cables (Hard drive and Optical Drive) Then try again. If still no go, try to remove the memory(ram) and turn it on without the memory. See what happens and post back for results. See this link for the manual ;

    Feel free to post back if you need further assistance, glad to help!

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  • Hi Trojan1914,

    Here's the troubleshooting section of your service manual. Would you please check the diagnostics lights against the list in your manual?

  • Thanks I will try that this afternoon.  If that does not work would the systemboard need replacing.  If so where you recommend buying it from?  Thanks.

  • Hi,

    You can call our Out-of-Warranty Service to check the parts and the price. You can reach them at 1-800-288-4410. If you need assistance to get the parts add me as a friend and send me the service tag of the computer.


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  • The motherboard is the problem. Is it better to get to get one from dell?

  • I can say that it will be better if you will get the part from Dell. But we are not limiting your options.

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  • Hi,

    i have one of this, that have a ambar flashing light and the light error 1 and 3?!

    I went to the places you tell in the back and done all of the steps: and the conclusion is motherboard problem?? But i fix the caps in the power supply.

    What can you tell me about this??


  • Bad power supply.  Thanks.

  • But if i press the diagnostic button on the psu, the computer work...