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Studio XPS 435MT power supply


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Studio XPS 435MT power supply

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I went to check the voltages on the power supply (Model DPS 360FB) and there is no Blue wire on the 24-pin ATX power supply connector where it plugs into the mobo. Does this motherboard not use the -12V rail?

I first suspected an issue when SpeedFan showed -1.17V on the -12V rail. I've done a lot of searching and didn't find anything.

Any help appreciated. TIA

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  • I couldn't find much on it but I found an Ebay listing of a power supply like yours. The model number you placed is a generic one for that PSU but there is still another that goes along with it. Check this out.

  • Yea, mine claims to be a 350W supply on the sticker.

    But that still doesn't answer the question of whether -12V is used on the mobo and if so, how come the blue wire (Pin 14, -12V) is missing on the ATX connector?

    Besides the fact that Speedfan is reporting the wrong voltage, the computer seems to be working ok. Just trying to understand the PSU weirdness.

  • Can you try and find me the exact model AND part number for your PSU? As well as the breakdown of voltage like in the ebay link I posted

  • Thanks for your assistance. Whenever I google the model, I get the same thing you got ... replacement power supplies that are higher Wattage. I think that I have the correct model number. I believe that model number shows up in your ebay link because it's a replacement for my power supply. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I checked the original configuration on Dell's website per the service tag and could not find the PSU listed there.

    If I look on the power supply itself it says:

    Delta Electronics

    Model: DPS-360-FB-1 A    REV: 01


    12VA / 15A

    12VB / 16A

    +5V / 18A

    +5aux / 2A

    +3.3 / 17A

    MAX POWER 360W


    +12VA & +12VB : 300W

    THE COMBINE POWER ON +5V & +3.3V & +12VA & +12VB TOTAL 350W MAX.

    Does that help? All my searching finds replacement power supplies for this model but not this exact model.

  • Looking at that breakdown, it looks like it's your power supply that isn't using the -12v Rail. I'm a little confused though. You have two 12v rails but both seem positive.

  • Yea, I'm confused to. If you look at the link you gave, the supply specifies the -12V rail at only 0.8A. I read somewhere that mobos use the -12V rail for serial ports. There are no serial ports on this machine so maybe this Dell mobo doesn't use -12V and maybe that's why pin 14 isn't hooked up.

    This is an i7 cpu, so it does have that 8-pin power connector that goes to the mobo for the CPU and that is +12V. So maybe that's why the 2nd +12V rail. I thought it was common place with this power hungry video cards to have the two +12V rails but I just hadn't seen the -12V abandoned before. Surprised others haven't run across this.

  • As long as your pc is running fine :D I wouldn't worry about it. The bigger issue is when you look to replace the PSU for something with more wattage

  • Well, I just replaced the mobo so I was hoping to verify the PSU was good and not a contributing factor.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hey Jim7jim, I think you answered my question above, on the 8-pin connector, it is just brown and black, but is the power across each brown +12v?