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sx280 upgraded to 2gb ram, now monitor goes blank/power saving mode after XP splash screen.

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From what I've read, I believe my problem is bad caps, but I'd like a second opinion.  I upgraded a working sx280 from 2 512mb sticks of ram to 2 1gb sticks of ram.  they are 400mhz non-ecc ddr2's.  When I booted the system.  The system comes up to the XP splash screen, then the monitor turns off.  The computer is still running.  If I hit f8 on boot, I can boot the system into VGA mode and it works fine.

I pulled the new memory out and reinstalled the 2 512mb sticks.  The odd behavior still happens.  I have not looked at the caps as of yet, but can anyone thing of any logical reason for the video to stop working?  Nothing in the software was changed.

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