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BIOS PW reset on Studio Hybrid...


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BIOS PW reset on Studio Hybrid...

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Does there exist a motherboard diagram for the Studio Hybrid, that shows where the jumper is, to clear the BIOS password?   My front USB ports won't support a USB bluetooth dongle, but mouse/keyboard work fine.  ---Answer must be in the BIOS, but I can't get there.   USB Bluetooth dongle works fine in rear USB, but not front...  Win7 Home Premium, SP1.

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  • I doubt the problem is the BIOS.   It could just be the front USB ports do not have enough power for something such as the bluetooth dongle, where the rear ports, which are on another USB hub do.  If this is the case, using an external powered USB hub (one that has its own power supply) may work if you want to use a front panel USB port.


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    is the Dell on-line manual. It shows the jumper but does not mentioned what to do to reset the password.  There is also a procedure to clear the CMOS Memory (BIOS). 

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