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Ethernet orange light on a Dell Dimension 4600


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Ethernet orange light on a Dell Dimension 4600

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I'm trying to start using my grandmothers old Dell Dimension 4600, but when I plug in the ethernet cable, the light near the port turns orange! It will not go online I even tried connecting a cable from my laptop to the internet port but nothing works! I can't do any online updates on the Dell, but i can download it from disks! I have empty disks sitting around if i need to put anything on it.

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  • Your post is a  tad bit confusing. The light on the ethernet port is supposed to light up indicating a active connection. There should also be one on the other side of the connector that blinks indicating the computer is attempting to communicate.

    Now exactly how are you connecting the computer with the cable. The cable should connect from your router or modem to the computer.

    Also open up device manager and look for any listing with either a ? ! or X next to them.

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