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Dell optiplex gx270 sata hard drive installation


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Dell optiplex gx270 sata hard drive installation

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Can i install sata hard drive in my dell optiplex gx270 minitower.

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  • Hi Najamcu,

    The model has both SATA and IDE controllers, so YES, you can use an SATA hard drive.

    Apologies for initially posting incorrect information.

  • Yes.  You need an IDE to Sata Bridge.

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  • I don't have a GX270 in front of me now but I believe there are 2 SATA ports on the GX270 motherboard that are usually capped with a plastic piece.  I think I have installed SATA drives on these in the past after turning the ports on in the bios.  If I am wrong I'm sure someone will correct me.

  • Hi tzarder,

    You are correct. There are either one or two SATA ports depending on the form factor. See here for the system board layout <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>. 

    My fault for not checking but the support site was down.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Hi, I have a GX270 running Ubuntu. I plugged a 1TB drive into SATA but the bios can't see it. Just says n/a so it can't recognize it. I can't easily update bios as it uses a exe file for Windows.

    Any ideas?


  • Hi Bob,

    Which form factor? Are you using an IDE hard drive for the OS?

  • Did you turn the SATA port on in the bios?

  • i have a gx270 tower i put a 250gb sata in it works fine only time i had problems was when also added a old ide for some extra storage aswell as the 250gb  sata in win7 enviroment it  took like 5mins to boot but was fine with xp

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  • I would like to remove the IDE drive and substitute  a SATA drive.  This is an Optiplex 270.  The BIOS is A06.  I cannot get the BIOS to recognize the SATA drive.  I may need an R6  disk but I don't now how to make one.  I tried a PCI device to connect the SATA but I don't understand the user manual.  I really feed stupid at this point. 

  • Hi volklore,

    Boot up with your old drive and update the BIOS from there.

  • Hello osprey4,

    I see you're trying hard to fix issues with this particular PC... but I got esentially the same problem. Small form-factor mobo, BIOS A07. Tried to install Samsung HD080J/P (80GB presumably SATA2, this model is an old one I believe because it still has jumper pins).

    The PC just did not boot the HDD. "SATA Primary Drive 0 not found." Checked the cables, air dusted it all, but still the same message. And suddenly, it booted! And really don't know how did it happen! Anyway, immediately, since I wanted a *brand new, fresh and clean XP install*, I passed Darik's Boot and Nuke 2.2.6. I shutted down the PC and rebooted it for the install, but it didn't boot again.

    I did a little research (Samsung does not provide any support anymore), and came out with the idea of using a jumper. I did set the HDD to 1.5Gbps and it didn't work. So I changed the jumper to another setting and it booted again! Immediately made the fresh install, installed the drivers... but it does not work again. "SATA Primary Drive 0 not found."

    I found out a way to get this to work: changed the jumper to the first setting (1.5Gbps) and turned it off. Then changed the jumper again to the last working setting and it booted. But it's really annoying doing this everytime I turn on the <ADMIN NOTE: Profane word removed per privacy policy > thing. I'm desperate. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading.