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Dell Seagate ST3600057SS and SAS 6/IR


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Dell Seagate ST3600057SS and SAS 6/IR

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Hello, I pickup new sas drive Seagate Dell certified ST3600057SS (600gb 6gbts, 15k) hd but then connect to SAS 6 adapter I have in my Precision T5400 workstation. Unfortunately not working. SAS bios recognize but listed as Wrong Type. Also window 7 can see it but won't let me create virtual drive said "drive not ready". Yes my SAS 6 have latest firmware 25.47.....

Note: this SAS 6 controller have no problem when connected dell sas 146gb and 73gb or even Hitachi sas drive.

is this st3600057ss sas drive work with Dell SAS 6/IR controller? if not what controller will?

Thank you,

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  • Hi Lapto,

    Please check the service manual

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

      to see if your installation is correct.

  • Yes, I am sure I installed the sas drive correct. I currently have two sas 146gb drive work perfectly. It might be have to do with Dell SAS 6/ir adapter, maybe it too old and can't handle this type of sas drive. The SAS 6/ir bios can see the drive but not recognize the volume/capacity of the drive. Window 7 can see it too, but said "drive not ready". This is Dell sas certified drive, I am not sure this type of drive required particular dell controller to work with.


  • I too pickup new SAS Seagate Dell certified ST3600057SS (600gb 15k) HD in other vendor, but when i put in my storage MD3000i say "UNCERTIFIED PHYSICAL DISK", probably because the firmware is not of DELL firmware compatible.

    I did download from DELL site file "Seagate_ST3600057SS_ES64.df" is the upgrade file, but as "Dell MD Storage Manager utility" not recognized i can not update. 

    how i update the firmware these ST3600057SS with the firmware of dell?

  • They are programmed with Dell firmware by Seagate at the factory.  There are "hacks" out there showing you how to force-flash a non-Dell-firmware drive with Dell firmware, but many of these attempts result in a non-functional drive.  The ST3600057SS comes in a retail version with generic firmware and in an OEM version - each OEM with their own firmware installed on it; your Seagate can't be Dell-certified if it was certified for another vendor (HP, IBM, etc.).