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Using Optiplex 990 and ESXi 5


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Using Optiplex 990 and ESXi 5

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Hi, I have read that there are some hardware issues when using a 990 with ESXi 5, specifically trouble with the onboard NIC not working and also onboard DVD drive. (

Can anybody substantiate this?  I have spec'ed up a 990 for exactly what I need but am concerned it may be a waste of money.

Is anybody running ESXi 5 on a 990?




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  • The 990 is not validated nor is it proper for ESXi 5.

    • ESXi 5.0 installs and run only on servers with 64-bit x86 CPUs.
    • ESXi 5.0 requires a host machine with at least two cores.
    • ESXi 5.0 supports only LAHF and SAHF CPU instructions.
    • Known 64-bit processors:

      • All AMD Opteron processors
      • All Intel Xeon 3000/3200, 3100/3300, 5100/5300, 5200/5400, 5500/5600, 7100/7300, 7200/7400, and 7500 processors
      DELL PowerEdge 1950 Intel Xeon 50xx Series
    DELL PowerEdge 1955 Intel Xeon 53xx Series


    • 2GB RAM minimum.

    Network Adapters

    One or more Gigabit or 10Gb Ethernet controllers. For a list of supported network adapter models, see the VMware Compatibility Guide.

    SCSI Adapter, Fibre Channel Adapter or Internal RAID Controller

    Any combination of one or more of the following controllers:

    • Basic SCSI controllers. Adaptec Ultra-160 or Ultra-320, LSI Logic Fusion-MPT, or most NCR/Symbios SCSI.
    • RAID controllers. Dell PERC (Adaptec RAID or LSI MegaRAID), HP Smart Array RAID, or IBM (Adaptec) ServeRAID controllers.

    Installation and Storage

    • SCSI disk or a local, non-network, RAID LUN with unpartitioned space for the virtual machines.
    • For Serial ATA (SATA), a disk connected through supported SAS controllers or supported on-board SATA controllers. SATA disks will be considered remote, not local. These disks will not be used as a scratch partition by default because they are seen as remote.

    ESXi 5.0 supports installing on and booting from the following storage systems:

    • SATA disk drives. SATA disk drives connected behind supported SAS controllers or supported on-board
    • SATA controllers. Supported SAS controllers include:

      • LSI1068E (LSISAS3442E)
      • LSI1068 (SAS 5)
      • IBM ServeRAID 8K SAS controller
      • Smart Array P400/256 controller
      • Dell PERC 5.0.1 controller

    • Supported on-board SATA include:

      • Intel ICH9
      • NVIDIA MCP55
      • ServerWorks HT1000

    • Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk drives. Supported for installing ESXi 5.0 and for storing virtual machines on VMFS partitions.
    • Dedicated SAN disk on Fibre Channel or iSCSI
    • USB devices. Supported for installing ESXi 5.0. For a list of supported USB devices, see the VMware Compatibility Guide.

    Make sure your hardware is compliant by referring to the Hardware Compatibility Guide.

    For additional information, see vSphere Installation and Setup 5.0.

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  • I was able to load Citrix XenServer version 6 on the box and it recognized the NIC without any problems :-)

  • sure,I got same problem , the Network can't be found .

    I had try my best to find a way to use ESXi 5 u1 .  Now,I give up.

    Use XenServer 6.0 on my 990,It's fine

  • I'm able to get it on the 990, 980 and the 9010 series Optiplex just fine.  

    The issue is that the NIC is not on the HCL.  So instead I just got the small form factor NIC that works with ESXi.