Dell Optiplex 755 Small Form Factor CPU Fan


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Dell Optiplex 755 Small Form Factor CPU Fan

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My Optiplex 755 SFF has a stock CPU heatsink which, I know, provides for limited heat dissipation. I would definitely prefer to have better cooling, and am thinking that anything other than a plain heatsink (such as a fan) would suffice. My question is,

Are there any CPU fans that are compatible/fit inside of a 755 small form factor case? 

I've looked up a few potential fans such as:

...but I'm not sure if these do, in fact, fit in this case _ and if they are a better option than the plain heatsink I have now (if they provide for better cooling)

- Thanks! 

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  • Dell Fan and Shroud Assembly for OptiPlex 755 and 760 Small Form Factor Systems,

    SFF Fan Assembly, Dell HU540

    Dell part numbers: YW713 (fan),

    P8402 (case) and YN033 / HU389 (board).

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