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Dell Inspiron ONE 2205: Touch screen stops working


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Dell Inspiron ONE 2205: Touch screen stops working

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I have a Dell Insprion 2205 (AMD) system. The touch screen stopped working after a Dell Stage UI update. I did an online GoToAssist with a Dell technician and they were able to get it to work after re-installing Fingertaps and some other drivers. Now a few days later, the touch screen will randomly stop working especially when coming out of screen saver. The strange part is that when the touch screen works perfectly fine, I noticed screen saver will never initialize no matter what it is set for: 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.

The computer is practically stock. I did not install any software at all. I have not removed or disabled any of the built-in Dell software. All drivers are fully updated. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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  • Hi, did you have any luck resolving this issue? My touchscreen has stopped working and I'm finding it impossible to get much help from Dell. Thanks

  • I got the issued resolved after what felt like a similar experience of getting all my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out at the same time. Here is chronological order of how everything went:

    1. Purchased the 2205 directly from DELL on a Black Friday special November 2011.

    2. The touchscreen stopped working in January 2012.

    3. Called Dell support and they sent a 3rd party technician to my house.

    4. Despite the technician and myself both new it was a bad screen, he still had to follow protocol and replace one thing out at a time until the problem was solved. Starting with a small ribbon cable, to a controller board, motherboard, etc. etc. until of course he ended up replacing the entire screen. Unfortunately it was a refurbished screen that DELL sent. Total time = 5.5 hours.

    5. Immediately the next day, the refurbished screen would not calibrate correctly. Depending where you touched on the screen, it would indicate off by 1 inch to the left, or 1 to 2 inches to the bottom. For example, if I wanted to click on the "Start" button, I had to aim 1.5 inches above it....yeah ridiculous.

    6. Called Dell Support again. And just like the first time, they told me that their 3rd party technicians only work 9am - 5pm. And I had to re-iterate to Dell again that those are the exact hours I work. I even offered, like the first time around, that I would bring the unit to the tech or he can pick it up. That was NOT an option from Dell. The 3rd party tech HAD to be in my house working on it in front of me. I understand...I've worked as a tech before. My further pushing found out that these 3rd party techs can work past 5pm...but that means 1.5x pay or even 2x pay. In fact, because of that they love to work after 5pm.

    7. So a second 3rd party tech came to my house and just like the first one that came a month prior, this guy had to follow protocol. Change one thing > test it > change another thing > test it....etc etc. And once again at the end of it all....changed the entire screen again. But this time, it was not was a brand new touch panel screen. And since Feb/Mar 2012....not one problem.

    Conclusion: This was hands down the worst experience I have had with Dell since 2001 when I purchased my first DELL product. Is it going to keep me from buying their products?? Nope....but it came close :). Dell spent an extreme amount of money getting my touch screen to work. It would have been cheaper for them to have me ship it and then send a replacement. But we all get it right? The All-in-one touchscreens was a new thing for Dell at the end of 2011. I was one of probably many in their customer QC/Lab environment :). Hopefully Dell received enough helpful information back from the two techs that came to my place so that to improve future All-in-One touchscreen computers. Or am I giving them too much credit? :)

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  • Thanks for getting back to me about that, I have one more question for you!! As mine is out of warranty I'm going to have a go at resetting to factory settings to see if this solves the problem. Do you think it is most likely a hardware or software problem?  Do you know of anything other 'fixes' I could try myself? I was having a conversation with one of the engineers on here but he hasn't replied to me for a while now. Any advice gratefully received as my husband who is partially sighted has not been able to use this feature for some time now - the only reason we chose this computer!! Thanks again

  • I am happy to hear that the screen replacement worked. I have a tech scheduled to come for that reason and I will be sure to ask if screen is new or refurbished. My touch screen stopped working 3 months before the end of warrenty but I had such a terrible experience when I first called (tried a roll back that made everything worse) that I procrastinated until the day before my warranty was up. So I caved and renewed for another year, $139. Hopefully it won't take another whole year to get the touch screen issue solved.

  • Starmore, In my opinion I really think it is a hardware issue with the Screen and or motherboard. Doing factory resets on my DELL only fixed the problem very temporarily.

  • FYI dwenn1968, when I got my screen replaced the first time, it was marked clearly on the back "REFURBISHED" or "RE-MANUFACTURED". You won't have to ask the tech if you are present during the installation. You should be able to see it for yourself. I believe these first generation touchscreens had many problems. If you go to the DELL Outlet store online, there are several of them for sale at a cheaper price and you will notice that the touchscreen is advertised as not working or not available. Hopefully now with the release of Windows 8, this touchscreen capability will come in handy.

  • According to my tech, they only use refurbished screens and so I got that and a motherboard replacement, along with some misc cables which didn't nothing. Tech left and told me to call Dell myself, he said he thought I needed a touch control board but he wasn't obligated to stick around on hold to let them know this. He clearly felt he had wasted enough of his/my time.

    Called Dell the same day and told them what he said, they said they were going to reorder parts and have tech come again. Never happened. So I called again and they said the same thing, they will send out a tech with the right parts. I highly doubt that. When I look at my open repair history, they are ordering the same parts as before. Which is probably why I'm not hearing from the tech when he gets the parts and see that they aren't the right ones.

    Why is their tech support so poor? I'm ready to take computer to independent tech and then bill Dell for the repair cost. I discovered the touch screen problem in Aug and it is now Nov! I had to pay to extend the warranty coverage! I will never buy a  Dell again!

  • So, of course the part shipped was not what tech asked for but a repeat of the last visit. He came to my house early to accommodate my schedule so now they don't want to pay him AND they don't want to send him/me the right part!

    No surprise that customers are unhappy! First Dell screws clients with their crappy phone support and then they tie the field techs' hands, so they aren't any help either. At this point I'm going to order the part from Ebay myself and pay someone to install it. Think Dell will foot the bill?  

  • Wow, that is some unfortunate bad experiences you are having to go through. I must admit that mine was not that bad. One difference between our issues was that my computer was still under the 1st year of standard warranty. So in your case, where you purchased an "extended warranty", I would go back to Dell and tell them that they either need to repair your computer or reimburse you the amount of the extended warranty.

    I can't answer for Dell as to whether or not they would float the bill for someone else to repair your computer. If you can get it in writing then it's probably worth a shot. I hope this gets resolved for you soon. I can only imagine your frustrations.