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pc turns on but no response from screen


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pc turns on but no response from screen

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Dear dell community,

I've very recently had a problem with my dell dimension 9200. I've also spent the last 3 hours searching through these forums and I think I know the problem but before spending money on the solution I thought I would check with someone a little cleverer.

Full spec as far as I can remember:

Dell dimension 9200 2.2Ghz duel core

4 gb of ram (2gb upgraded 6 months ago)

nvidia graphics from 4 years ago (possibly 9200) 

windows 7

2xhardrive at 160gb each

The problem in a nutshell: after a restart where everything seemed to be working fine there was no signal from the screen. 2 short beeps about 30 seconds into startup with still no signal from screen. After beeps the 4 leds on the front panel indicate 123. Before the beeps 23 then 12. I can definitely hear all 3 fans working and the hardrives spinning. The windows 7 disk is inserted into cd-rom drive but doesn't appear to be spinning. 

Step 1: 2 Short beeps - After reading this could be a ramm or motherboard failure I replaced and removed each ram stick into  different slots until I was convinced this wasn't the issue. restarting after every attempt. still 2 short beeps. I got a mutimeter out and tested the pram battery - 3v as intended.

Step2: I took out the cables from the cd-rom drive and each hardrive one at a time and booted. Still two beeps and same symptoms. replaced everything.

Step 3: I reset the bios by changing the pins in case it was a boot sequence error then repeated step 2. 

Step 4: Finally by some stroke of genius realised it could have been the screen, tried replacing and using old monitor on another pc. tried different cables also. nothing wrong there.

What i did notice though, when using the 2nd monitor which happens to be a little older I saw what I can only describe as chaotic pixelation of the load of screen. Where you could make out what was there but only from memory. The first screen being the dell logo and the second a list of components. From the little I know about graphics card's the visual effects dont 'kick in' until the loading screen of windows 7 ie log in. so my conclusion would be a) motherboard is broken b) connection to monitor is broken(potentially graphics card) c) some very strange virus within the bios.

a and b would result in painfully replacing parts so could you please advise me on anything i've missed, overlooked or just simply done wrong here.

Thanks very much for your help


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