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Inspiron One 19 (Model W01B) Motherboard 0J190T Power Connector Pinout


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Inspiron One 19 (Model W01B) Motherboard 0J190T Power Connector Pinout

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I have attempted to find a pinout diagram for the power connector on the 0J190T motherboard for a Insiron One 19 - Model W01B and cannot find one within Dells supprt pages for this unit.  Does anyone here know what the pinout is?  I have a system that came to  me without the power supply and have determined that the supply is needed is 19VDC at 6.9A.  I know that 2 pins are for + and 2 pins are for - but cannot find any information on polarity for the pins on the connector.  I do not know if this motherboard is bad or not and do not want to waste $80 on a supply if the MB is bad.  I have a switching supply rated for 19VDC at 7A and a 4 pin power connector for testing.  I do not want to risk reversing the polarity (in the event therfe is not diode portection on this MB).  does someone either have a pinout document or have a power supply from one of these units that they can measure the voltage out and let em know what color (yellow or black) is the positive?  any assistance would be a great help.

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  • We do not have pin out schematics. These are the power supplies, maybe that will help in your searching -

    H109R Power Supply, 130W, WISTRON, HIPRO

    Y664P Power Supply, 130W, WISTRON, ACBEL

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  • The Yellow Wires Are 19.5 out.

  • Do you have to jump across the pins to activate this power supply or should the yellow wires always have voltage on them if the AC power plug is connected to AC power?
  • Switching power supplies must have a load to be tested.

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