Booting from USB optiplex GX620


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Booting from USB optiplex GX620

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I've baught a stock of dell optiplex GX620 pc's.

I want to reainstall windows xp throught usb, the documentation says that it is possible to boot through a usb stick (key).

The usb stick is bootable, but when i boot from usb i only get a black screen and i does not proceed, on every single optiplex. (It boots on other pc's)

Is there something I overlooked ?

If someone could help me out, i would be verry gratefull.


Dear regards,


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  • Not all PC's can boot to USB devices ... I don't have one to confirm, but you might try creating a more widely-accepted bootable media (Windows 7 or Ubuntu for USB) to test.  If I remember right, the age of the 620 (around 6-7 years old?) is just about right to be on the edge of being able/not being able to boot to USB.  Check the BIOS to make sure that USB is Enabled WITH BIOS support.

  • No i am aware of that, but most pc's that have usb legacy support, support booting from usb right, ? it recognises the usb key, only when it tries toe acces the usb key, the pc freezes. And it does that with all the optiplex pc's. It's weird because in the bios there is the option, boot from usb. It also supports boot from usb rom drive and floppy drive.

    But if i understand your awnser, i need to make a bootable usb key with windows 7 or linux ubuntu ?

  • I have an old XPS (2004) that does not boot to USB, notwithstanding the few USB options in the BIOS.  If your Optiplex's have a "boot to USB" option in the BIOS, then I would think it would work.  I only suggest a Windows 7 or Ubuntu bootable USB key, as they were designed to work from that sort of installation medium.  You cannot simply copy XP installation files to a bootable USB and install XP with it.  If you are able to boot to a properly-prepared W7/Ubuntu USB, then the fault lies with the way your XP key is assembled.  If you can't boot to a W7/Ubuntu USB, then I would assume your system does not support booting to USB (or a related setting is wrong in BIOS).

  • Ok, well i'm not familliar wiith when exactly the usb boot support was introduced, but I reacently repaired an old fujitsu pc, that was dated from 2002/2003 or somewhere in that range and that had usb boot support. And well yes, the bios says that usb is bootable, at least in my interpretation, and also the documentation says that its bootable from usb key (the key is detected at post). So it just doesn't add up that the pc freezes at boot, my experience is that the pc wil give a message like, non bootable drive detected etc. And i'm capable in making bootable usb keys, i'm not using a cd/dvd rom drive since ages so.. lol.. My question was more to find out why the optiplex did not boot from usb, because dell putt it in the documentation that is does.

    Annyhow, i'm now installing the pc's through usb rom drive, and that works fine, thanks for you info and time though !

    (Don't mind my english, i'm dutch)

  • Must be formatting them wrong or need newer Bios.  Bios A11 is current and works with larger USB flash.

    Hirenz Boot CD on USB works fine with all of my 620's  but I have updated them to A11.

    Boot from USB Disk

    Hiren's BootCD From USB Flash Drive (USB Pen Drive)

    Step 1
    Connect USB Pen Drive (1GB or more)

    Step 2
    Download and Run USB Disk Storage Format USB Disk Storage Format (34KB)

    Step 3
    Download grubinst_gui Grub 4 Dos (179KB) and Run as Administrator

    Step 4
    Insert the BootCD (10.3 or newer) in the CD Drive and Copy everything from CD to USB Flash Drive

    Step 5
    Copy grldr and menu.lst from (or from HBCD folder) to the usb drive

    Step 6
    Test Your USB Drive (read bottom of the page for troubleshoot)

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  • Hmm yes that sounds pretty logical actually, i'm using a 4Gb stick, that is proably to big. I remeber that back those days, the biggest usb key supported where between 512Mb and 2Gb, so that could be the reason. Thnx i will first try a smaller key and if that doesn't work i will try and flash the bios..

  • I've used a 4 gig USB stick with Hirenz Boot CD to USB.   BIOS version is A11 that is working with this combination.

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    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.