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Dell Studio One 19 not turning on


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Dell Studio One 19 not turning on

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I have a Studio One 19 that is not turning on.  When I plug the power cord in the CD/DVD eject light turns on briefly but nothing else happens.  I've opened it up and disconnected and reconnected the power supply, the RAM and the hard drive.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • There is no such model Studio one.

    The Inspiron one 19 if its not turning on may have a failed power supply.

    Dell Inspiron One 19 Service Manual - Documentation

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


    power supply


    screws (3)

    Removing the Power Supply

    1. Follow the procedures in Before You Begin.

    2. Remove the I/O cover (see Removing the I/O Cover).

    3. Remove the computer stand (see Removing the Computer Stand).

    4. Remove the optical drive (see Removing the Optical Drive).

    5. Remove the decorative cover (see Removing the Decorative Cover).

    6. Remove the speaker cover (see Removing the Speaker Cover).

    7. Remove the display bezel (see Removing the Display Bezel).

    8. Remove the back cover (see Removing the Back Cover).

    9. Remove the I/O bracket (see Removing the I/O Bracket).

    10. Remove the back metal shield (see Removing the Back Metal Shield).

    11. Remove the inverter (see Removing the Inverter).

    12. Remove the system-board shield (see Removing the System-Board Shield).

    13. Remove the processor heat sink (see Removing the Processor Heat Sink).

    14. Remove the heat-sink fans (see Removing the Heat-Sink Fans).

    15. Disconnect the power-supply cable from the connector (PWR_CN1) on the system board. For more information on the location of the power-supply connector, see System Board Components.

    16. Make note of the power-supply cable routing and remove it from the chassis.

    17. Remove the three screws that secure the power supply to the chassis.

    18. Place the power supply in a secure location.

    Replacing the Power Supply

    1. Follow the procedures in Before You Begin.

    2. Replace the three screws that secure the power supply to the chassis.

    3. Route the power-supply cable and connect the power-supply cable to the connector (PWR_CN1) on the system board.

    4. Replace the heat-sink fans (see Replacing the Heat-Sink Fans).

    5. Replace the processor heat sink (see Replacing the Processor Heat Sink).

    6. Replace the system-board shield (see Replacing the System-Board Shield).

    7. Replace the inverter (see Replacing the Inverter).

    8. Replace the back metal shield (see Replacing the Back Metal Shield).

    9. Replace the I/O bracket (see Replacing the I/O Bracket).

    10. Replace the back cover (see Replacing the Back Cover).

    11. Replace the display bezel (see Replacing the Display Bezel).

    12. Replace the speaker cover (see Replacing the Speaker Cover).

    13. Replace the decorative cover (see Replacing the Decorative Cover).

    14. Replace the optical drive (see Replacing the Optical Drive).

    15. Replace the computer stand (see Replacing the Computer Stand).

    16. Replace the I/O cover (see Replacing the I/O Cover).

     CAUTION: Before turning on the computer, replace all screws and ensure that no stray screws remain inside the computer. Failure to do so may result in damage to the computer.

    1. Connect your computer and all attached devices to electrical outlets, and turn them on.

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  • This may be a stupid question but I have searched and cannot find what power supply I need to get for my Inspirion one 19.  Will any one work or does it have to be a certain one because of the size of the computer?

  • You have to open and Look  DP/N   0H109R is entirely a GUESS.

    I do not own one so I have no IDEA what number is on the power supply inside.

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    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating
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  • Try laying the computer face down for about an hour, then stand it upright and try to power it on.  I am working with a friends Studio One that has this problem, only eject light came one, and I accidently discovered laying it face down for a certain time period sort of wakes it up.  I have been leaving it face down for the past 2 nights and in the morning it boots right up. No idea why this works but it does.  The computer seems to go into a sleep mode between 1 -2 AM

  • I have the same problems and yes on the bottom of the computer speed it says Studio one / 1909 ours is a all in one has Dell helped anyone with this issue yet ?

  • I am having the same problem. Do you leave it plugged in when you lay it face down?

  • Was there a recall on this?  It seems to be a Very common problem.  Mine does not power on at all. 

  • I see this is old, but just an FYI to any others searching for answers on this issue:  There is a Dell Studio One 19 model.  It was a QVC purchase from a while back.  I can't say I know how QVC and Dell work this out, but there are many models that Dell sells through QVC that are not available for purchase from Dell, although Dell may offer a very similar product.  

  • It may be older, but there IS such a model as the Dell Studio One 19. Here is the Dell page for it:

    The service manual is quite a bit different.

    We are having the very same issue, and we will try to see if we can get a PSU to put in there.

    (I'm honestly a little afraid of it being something other than the PSU, since our symptoms happened gradually... it just got more and more finicky to turn on until we got the same symptoms - the CD/DVD light turns on... and then turns off, and nothing further happens. I hope it's not one of the thin wires or somewhere connecting the crazy amounts of copper along the top inside the case)

    Service manual in here:

  • The service manual for the Studio One 19 is here:

  • Has anybody found a solution to this problem yet??? 

    I really loved my Studio One 19....  I have it about 5 years now and it has worked almost flawlessly until  yesterday.  I shutdown the night before like I always do before bed.  Next morning it just won't power on...

    I tried unplugging it from the power outlet. Waited a minute, plugged back in.  Tried holding the power button down.  It does nothing. Like others have said, the CD eject button lights up for 3 seconds and then goes out.  The power button which usually lights up indicating power has turned on... Does not light up. And no noises (fans, motor, etc) come from the machine, like it usually does.  It just appears to be completely dead.

    I did a google search for Studio One 19 not turning on and I found another post on the Dell forums... where the man tried laying it facedown for an hour and it was then able to turn on.  I'm trying that now.  I did it for about 2 minutes and it didn't work. But I re-read his post where he says he laid it down for atleast an hour.  So now I am just waiting as it is laying down and I will see what happens.  I don't think it's going to work but I'll try anything at this point. 

    I didn't want to have to buy a new pc because I really, really love this one.  But if I have to I will.  I don't want to waste money buying parts which may or may not fix the problem and I am not a tech so I don't know how to do the other things being suggested. In the other post on the forum they are talking about removing a battery.... I have no idea how to do that.

    I have NOT had the issue of the clock resetting that others have described.   The only problem I have is that a long time ago, I can't remember when, my touch screen seemed to stop working.

    I remember at one point I was annoyed that bugs were landing on the screen and causing windows commands to perform things I did not want to do. So I disabled or tried to disable the touch settings. Well a year or so later, I decided I wanted to use touch screen again so my child could use the Touch Paint program which is like a coloring book.  I couldn't figure out why it wasn't responding to my touch, then I remembered I must have disabled it. Well I tried to re-enable it.... but it has never been the same again.

    It doesn't respond to my touch, but it does respond to bugs. All summer bugs have been hitting the screen and the on screen "mouse" even appears at times.... but only the bugs can get it to work. I can't get it to do anything for me.   I have played with the settings, tried updating everything. I dunno... I'm not a techie.... I wanted to even reinstall the drivers for the touch screen but dont know if I did it right cuz it still isn't working.

    That's the only issue I have had with this PC other than yesterday when it won't power on.... I wish someone knew how to fix this without it costing me an arm and a leg for parts and service...

  • I recently worked on a studio one..the problem is the power not spend 100 on a replacement supply..if you have basic soldering skills,,there is a small capacitor in the center of the supply that dries out,,47uF50V capp can be replaced and it will work fine,,i done the same thing others have done,,facedown powered up fine,,the fluid in the cap moves around,,will power up once, when stood back up will not,,the cap can be purchased from several vendors for around .16 cent..the cap more than likely will have a bulged top..

  • You will need to disassemble the PC to get to the power supply,there are youtube vids that show you how to do this

  • D15 location 

  • There is/was, in fact, a Studio One (19).... it's the all in one computer, guy!  I am seeking a similar resolution to what you seek.  However, I came across this thread and couldn't leave that statement unanswered.