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Dimension 5150 Wifi card 11n


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Dimension 5150 Wifi card 11n

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I just installed Optic fiber at home with a new router. Now my desktop Dimension 5150 does not detect via WIFI the router. They told me it could be due to not having a card 11n.

I'd like your help to know if the Dmension 5150 has that 11N card, and in case it does not, what should I do to solve it.

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  • The 5150 does not have a built in wireless card.  However, if you are close to the router it is best to still use the Ethernet wired interface.  

    You have two options for wi fi, either a PCI (NOT PCIeX1) Wi Fi card or a USB connected Wi Fi interface.  The USB connection would be the easiest as you wouldn't have to open the case and install a card.  Get a "wireless n" type adapter as they are the fastest that are currently available.  There are also "wireless g" adapters but they are slower speed.  

    HERE is an example of a USB device from Wal-Mart

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  • The Asus N10 Usb Nano 1.6CM Adapter is $20 at microcenter.

    ASUSTeK Computer Inc. - Networks- ASUS USB-N10

    Micro Center - ASUS Wireless N USB 2.0 Adapter USB-N10

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