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Dimension 4600C CPU Fan speed


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Dimension 4600C CPU Fan speed

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I have a Dimension 4600C and the fan for the cpu runs at high speed when ever using Flash Games, Windows Cleanup, or anything that uses high cpu power.  I have look, research the issue with nothing to resolve this issue.  

Things Done:

Replaced fan with original fan

Cleaned all dust from inside case, seem to do this alot

Replaced Power supply with original after it went out

Reformatted dell with just windows xp, and fan speed runs high when running utility like disk clean up, Browsers

Anyone have an idea how I can resolve the high fan speed? Pretty bad when you have to turn the TV up over the sound of the fan!

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  • Is this a new problem?

    Is the system in an area where it doesn't get good air circulation? The "C" case is probably prone to warming up. Would a PCI card fan help cool the case so they run less often?

    Possible heatsink issue? Are you sure it's correctly locked in place on the retention base? Do you need to remove the heatsink, clean the surfaces and apply a thin layer of thermal paste (eg, Arctic Silver)?


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