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Dell Studio XPS 8000 Crash/Freeze Issue


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Dell Studio XPS 8000 Crash/Freeze Issue

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Had my desktop for 1-2 years now, and though i know that makes it rather 'old', still i hope i'd be able to get some help/assitance in regards to this issue.


Specs :


Studio XPS 8000

Intel i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80 GHz

4 gb Ram

Win7 Home Prem 64 bit

Nvidia GeForce GT 220


Basically, have all my drivers constantly updated as soon as an update becomes available, all devices plugged to my desktop are from dell(stock), apart from my mouse and keyboard(both razer).

Only started having crash/freeze issues about 6 months back.

Noticed 2 situations whereby it happens.

- When i first power up my desktop, it freezes after loading into windows. Ctrl + Alt + Del doesnt work and the only way i can remedy this is to long press my power button to force a shutdown. (Issue might occur again even after force shutdown, but after repeatedly trying over again, eventually i'll be able to get in without freezing)

- While gaming, my desktop crashes randomly, happens when i'm playing mmos, doesnt crash when i'm playing dota or while browsing net.

Have already tried reformatting, and keeping my programs to the bare minimum, apart from the few games i do play or the required few programs needed to run the system, but still getting the crash/freeze problems as mentioned above.

Any advice, help or assitance is appreciated. 

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  • I had the same problem, and took the same steps but nothing worked. I tested all the hardware and found no problems. Then I heard from somebody with exactly the same problems, with a diiferent brand computer that he had a problem with his RAM memory. So i decided to take out the pieces of memory one by one, start up the computer to see if I had a faulty memory bar. After taking the first one out, and starting up my computer, the problem was gone, I even put the one I ook out, back in to my computer, and he still worked fine. That is now 3 months ago, and the problem has not returned
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  • Hi Nightcross,

    Freezing after loading the desktop could be a sign of a startup problem but these are nearly always software issues. The video freezing and crashing during gaming could be a hardware or driver issue.

    Let me suggest you run the full battery of tests using the Dell diagnostics. I've got a link to the instructions below. Be sure to have a data CD in your CD drive in order to run that test. Let me know if you get any errors, and which component reports an error.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    I ran the whole dell diagnostics tests as per your recommendations.

    And my desktop passed all tests.

    I did not run it with a data disc as i'm not too sure what is it nor if i even have 1, but i just rebooted, pressed f12 and selected diagnostics.

    Ran the whole bunch of tests, memory, system, utility partition etc etc.

    Passed all test with no errors generated.

    When i ran the system test in utility partition, i only skipped 1 test, which was the 1 at the very end(mouse test if i remember).

    But that was because when it asked me to move my mouse to the left and right boxes to left click and right click, while moving my razer mouse, the cursor does not move.

    Not sure if its meant to be like this or it counts as an error.

    1 more thing to add to my above post though, there were times when windows detected and generated an error when i successfully got into my desktop after a crash or freeze, its mainly something to do with my graphics card, but when i click check for solutions, none can be found.

    I have already updated to the latest nvidia geforce drivers for my specific card so i'm not too sure what else could be wrong.

    I did initially even suspect that the problem could be overheating, so i took off my side panel and faced a fan directly at my desktop. But this seems to only be a temporary solution(if it works at all).

    I still seem to get random freeze/crashes even with the fan blowing.

  • Anymore suggestions on what i can do or what's causing the problems?

  • Nightcross,


    Do you already have a solution?

    I have  the same computer ,  2 years old,  and exactly the same problems.

    I also passed all the tests, and just reinstalled windows , but the sane thing happened.

  • Sadly, no.

    Still having the same problems as i initially mentioned in my first post.

    Found a work around for it, but seeing its a little unconventional, i wouldnt say it actually solves anything.

    Basically, i'm led to believe through my own experience and testing, that the thing causing this issue/problem, has something to do with 1 or more components in the computer overheating.

    No idea if its the same as what you experience, but in my case, i can predict when the crash happens.

    1 of this 2 scenarios :

    1) At the point of startup after a shutdown. The computer will just freeze once it loads into windows, mouse pointer is unresponsive, ctrl+alt+del doesnt do anything, and short of a plug pull/force shutdown, there is nothing you can do.

    2) If the computer has been going for a while, 1 or more of the fans inside the computer, will suddenly start working faster/at a higher speed. Generally when this happens, i will notice a high speed spinning sound of the fans starting up. Similar to how an aircraft sounds when its starting up for take off. Starts from a low pitch and goes to a high pitch sound.

    When either 1 of this scenarios is met, 99% of the time, the computer freezes or acts up.

    Well because i assumed its something to do with overheating, my temporary solution is to open the side casing, and face my room fan at it.

    This seems to have reduced the tendancy of my computer crashing due to the 2nd point i mentioned. it still occasionally crashes/freezes up, but not as often as before.

    As for the first point i mentioned, only work around i found for it, was to not turn my computer off at all.

    For some reason, booting/powering up the computer from shutdown state, tends to lead to the crash in my 1st point.

    As long as i do not shut the computer down to begin with, the problem seems to go away.

    Now i just leave my computer going 24/7, and reboot/restart it when i feel it start to slow down.

    Hope this helps you with your problem, though i still hope a more permanent or official solution could be provided from the developers/company.

  • Hi Nightcross,

    Sorry I let this one slip through. Let me try to suggest a few more ideas.

    Grab this program and let's see if any heating problems are indicated. I would go ahead and put the side of the case back on for the purposes of testing.

    I would also remove all non-critical hardware and peripherals. I've seen situations where USB devices will push a mediocre PSU over the edge, and the long term solution is to upgrade. I've not seen this for XPS 8000 models, but just keeping it in mind.

    Again, these are troubleshooting ideas. I'm not suggesting these as long term solutions.

  • Thanks for the reply, not too sure what you need/what me to do with the program.

    Doesnt seem to autosave, so do you want me to just run it and leave my computer?

    Or do you want me to try and make my computer crash, and hopefully manage to take a peek/save the results before?

  • It's supposed to monitor temperatures.

  • Yeah, but what i meant is that, since my computer dosent crash unless those points i brought up happens.

    Generally speaking, if i turn it on and leave it there, my 'readings' will be normal right?

    So do you want me to save and post those normal readings, or did you mean for me to try and intentionally cause my computer to crash and hopefully save/read the readings that the program shows just before it crashes?

    I've tried to do this, but so far, getting it just right is a little hard.

    I can more or less predict that a crash/freeze will happen, i just dunnoe when exactly.

    And i cant be switching to the program every 5 or so seconds just to press save/just to read it, hoping that it crashes right after.

    So yeah, back to my question, what did you actually want me to do with the program?

    As in what information and at what state of my computer do you want me to post the info you require?

    Once again, thanks for all the assistance and replies so far.

  • I just want to see if you get abnormally high temps under load. I don't want you to crash the system, just stress it a little and let's see if the temps get wacky.

    I have a Studio XPS 8100 and my CPU and other temps stay well within the 50-60°C expected even under load.

  • Well i've been getting readings mostly around 70-80.

    Most times when it hits around 80++ my computer crashes.

    Only times i'm able to get 50-60 would be when im not doing anything at all on the computer.

  • Get out the VACUUM and Several Cans of Air Duster and Slay the Evil Dust bunnies that are munching the inside of your computer, Your power supply, your GPU, Your CPU etc.

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  • Was the first thing i did when i suspected overheating issues, cleaned out all the dust i can see. (Air Dusters and Vacuums)

    Also, i want to add that when i mentioned readings of around 70-80, i was talking about the graphics card.

    Processor readings for my computer tends to stay within the range of 50-60.

    Its the graphics card tat goes up to 80+

  • It appears your video card fan is not performing properly. Have you opened the system to check?

  • Well, the fans are working, but whether they are working properly or not i have no idea.

    I do know that i only started having this crash issue about a year after i bought my computer.

    Anyway, if the fans are indeed not working properly, what is there that i can do to fix it?

    Get a new card?