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Computer won't come out of sleep mode


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Computer won't come out of sleep mode

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Dimension 5150  Power light is amber, cooling fans on, monitor says no signal, vidio cables OK. Just will not come out of sleep mode. Any suggestions??  Thanks, Bob

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  • Hi Obtee35b,

    Unplug the computer and hold the power button for a few seconds, then try to start it up. If the system seems to be starting up but you're still getting no signal, it may be a video card problem.

  • Thanks, but no it did not work.  My guess is that the hard drive has quit, going to try to find a used on to drop in and verify.

  • PS, You were the only one who answered and I do thank you for your time.

  • It might be an issue with the power supply. Last week, I replaced the unit in my cousin's 5150, which had become unstable and was having trouble booting.

  • Finally got around to replacing the power supply. Nothing changed - computer will still no come out of sleep mode.

  • You might try resetting the CMOS (by removing the coin-shaped battery on the mainboard for 30 or so seconds).

    Does the machine boot at all?

  • Will try it. Processor and power supply fans come on and "no signal" appears on  monitor but on button stays yellow and nothing happens. No startup light on keyboard either.

    Thanks for reply. Bob

  • That doesn't sound good ... if it were me working on this, I'd be checking the mainboard next.