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Upgrading Dell Precision 690 video card


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Upgrading Dell Precision 690 video card

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I am considering to upgrade my current video card (Nvdia Quadro FX 4500 x 2 sli) with a newer card that can handle OpenGL 4. My pick would be an ASUS Radeon HD6990 PCI-E 4GB GDDR5 DVI DP Video Card given its attractive price performance. The newer Nvidia high-end cards are financially out of reach.

However, after checking specs, it seems the Precision 690 only supports PCI Express x16 cards up to 512MB memory. Not sure if there are any other limitations with the 690 mother board.

Anyone out there who successfully has upgraded the 690 with a modern graphics card like the one above? Thanks for advice and sharing your experiences.



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  • ATI = Crossfire


    You CANNOT USE 2 ATI cards in CROSSFIRE mode on an SLI Motherboard.

    They are not compatible standards.

    SLI is ONLY supported on NVIDIA chipsets.

    You can use a Single card on either type of motherboard.

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