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Hello  this is about my wifes dell dimension E521. I have been getting some strange error messages and I want to replace the battery. It uses a Cr-2032 battery. So I will have no problems replacing it. My question is after replacing the battery I then have to retype all the bios settings?. There must be at leasty 50 lines of info. Is there an easier way of doing this?




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  • Hi squiddy,

    So as not to assume anything, can you explain the strange error messages?

  • Hi, Don't know where you are getting the 50 lines of info from, according to your manual HERE, it is just a sinple case off popping out the old battery, and putting in the new one. But I agree with osprey, what is the error message.


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  • I wasn't going to point out the obvious. If the battery is indeed dead, the BIOS already has its defaults loaded.

  • Originally it was NTLDR is missing. I opened the rescue disk and copied ntldr and ntdetect. After that it boots ok. Next day my wife tells me same error message. So this time I hit cont alt del and it boots up fine. I ran all the dell tests on the second partition.Did not find any errors She has a WD drive and I have the Wd software to check the disk. I ran the extensive test  8 hrs later all tests passed. Her machine has been losing time starting the last month, so I thought I would try the battery. It could be the HD and if it is I should know fairly quickly. Since all her files are backed up that will not be a problem. Again I thought I thought    I would start with the battery.

    As far as just replacing the battery  you usually have a minute and no problem with lost setting but I have seen the setting lost no matter how fast you change the battery. To be on the safe side I always take a picture of ALL BIOS settings.



    Thanks to all who replied

  • When you replace the battery, it will load BIOS defaults, which will still boot the system, although it might not run optimally. There shouldn't be more than a few things to change from the defaults.