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question about Inspiron One19 LCD displays....


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question about Inspiron One19 LCD displays....

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I have a Dell Inspiron One 19   It has a cracked LCD display & I'm trying to find a replacement without spending a fortune for it.  The model number on this LG display is LM185WH1 (TL)(D3)  I found another display that has model number LM185WH1 (TL)(A1)

I'm wondering if I could use the A1 display in my computer.  Will it fit into my computer?  What are the differences between A1 & D3?  Is there a website that would give me more information on this?


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  • Hi Subana,

    I think a quick call to Dell would get you an answer.

  • thanks!  I'll let you know if I need more help.....

  • I do not see A1 or D3 in the parts descriptions? Maybe D3 = TLD?

    5X01H LCD Panel, WXGA, 250nits, Non Touch, LG LM185WH1-TLD
    W368G LCD Panel, WDXGA, 300nits, Non Touch, LG LM185WH1-LGP

  • yeah, I'm not really sure if the part within the parenthesis is part of the model number or not.  If you can, please click on this link....

    It is exactly what my label looks like & I wrote the model #LM185WH1 with (TL)(D3) written under it (so you can read it).  And this is exactly how it is written on my LCD label.  My thinking is, it may be easier for you to tell, by looking at it, if that is part of the model number.

    I also called Dell this morning but didn't really find any other information.  I was transferred to several people, they didn't seem to know the answer either.  One person told me I should buy a monitor from Dell.  And yes, I know I can do that but I'd prefer not to spend that much money on it if I don't have to.

    Thank you for all of your help!