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Dell Optiplex GX260 SFF - Ethernet Drivers

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I just pulled out my old Dell mini PC. (after 10 years its still tiny.) With a whopping 1.8Ghz CPU. :D After giving it a clean installation of XP SP2, I tried installing the ethernet drivers but when I tried starting FireFox, there was no connection.

Any ideas how to get the drivers working? If memory serves right, all you had to do is install them and you where good to go.

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  • ZoneT

    After installing XP, did you install the drivers and applications in the right order,

    Network Interface Card [NIC], aka Ethernet.
    Modem [if required]
    Then all other drivers and applications.

    Followed by installing the Anti Virus utility, updating the definitions, then all the critical Microsoft updates.

    Go HERE for more information.



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  • Hi:

    I believe this is the driver for your PC:


    I also believe once you execute the program, it unzips to a C:\Dell folder with the number of the download (R54402).

    You need to install the network adapter drivers from the Device Manager. Click on the missing network adapter in the device manager. Click on the driver tab. Click on Update Driver. Select the manual method of installation, and browse to the C:\Dell\R54402 folder, and it should then load the network adapter drivers.