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BSOD; determining bad memory


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BSOD; determining bad memory

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I've spent the past week battling various BSOD messages (referencing 0x00000050) that occur when I attempt to read a CD (i.e., play music or look at photos on CD).  I've run various diagnostics, updated drivers, reseated memory.  Today I ran the Dell PC check-up and it told me I have 3325MB of total physical memory.  I'm supposed to have 4 GB so I assume one of the memories died.  May I just pull them out one at a time to check them, or must they be in a particular configuration?  And if I must replace the memory, does it have to be the same make or may I use another DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz?  My desk top is a XPS630i, no overclocking involved.


Thanks, and I hope the memory issue is the answer to my BSOD issue.

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  • Hi BluemaryB,

    No, your RAM is not bad. You simply have a 32-bit operating system which maxes out at about 3.5GB of RAM.

    You've got a nice clue about your blue screen error. So let's start with that. Can you tell me if you have Windows XP, and if you are using Sonic DLA?

  • Osprey,

    Yes, I have Windows XP.  I had to search, but I do have Sonic files on my computer.  I did another search for "Sonic DLA" and the answer came back "no."  So I guess the answer is a qualified "Maybe."


  • Go to add/remove programs and look for two items. Sonic Update Manager and DLA. Uninstall both of these, then reboot. Try inserting a blank CD disc, if you have one.

  • The Sonic files are buried inside Roxio Creator DE and Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition\Plus  There is also a small text file in C:\I386\COMPDATA  that reads "the currently installed driver for the S3 Sonic Vibe audio controller is not compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and will be disabled during the upgrade.

    I don't believe I've ever been able to get Roxio Creator to work.

    None of the Sonic files is available in the Uninstall utility.

  • Try uninstalling Roxio Creator.

  • I uninstalled Roxio Creator to no effect.  I tried the "write to a CD" both before and after uninstalling Roxio.  Behavior is the same.  When I try to write to a disk the wizard takes me almost through the process, then gives a message saying it cannot complete, there was an error in writing process, please click what you want to do, and the computer freezes.  I can, however, open the drive and remove the CD.