Please help me, windows cannot repair this computer automatically


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Please help me, windows cannot repair this computer automatically

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I hope im posting this in the right area.

My computer will not start regularly or in safe mode as soon as it turns on it will go right to repair mode and start scanning then says windows cannot repair this computer automatically.

My computer will also not let me do a system resore for some reason its saying there are no restore points but the day before the repair kept coming up I had plenty of restore points.

I really need some help and would appreciate if someone can resolve this, I have a Dell Inspiron 531S with vista.

I really do not want to loose all of my files on my computer its only 2 years old and was working perfect before this, please help me.

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  • Reboot and press F12 before Windows starts to load. Go to Utilities partition and run the extended hard drive tests. Write down any error messages.

    If no error messages reported, boot from your Dell Vista Reinstallation DVD and follow the prompts to repair WIndows.




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  • The test took a lot longer than I thought it would but here are the errors that came up:

    Error Code 0F00:0244

    Msg: DISK_0 - Block 2749029: Cant read, replace disk or remove write protection.

    Error Code 0F00:1A44

    Msg: DISK_0 - Block : Cant read, replace disk or remove write protection.

    Error Code 0F00:021B

    Msg:DVDRW_1 - Block 984: Read error, try another disk.

    For that last error with dvd rw it started at block 984 and continued up till 10,000 something with an error for every 3rd-10th block so I didnt write down every single block number but I have the next 20. It stopped around 10,000 something and there was a total of 347,173 blocks for that device.

    What do I do next, is there something I can do?

  • cdorris4

    Error Code 0F00:0244 indicates a failing/failed hard drive and you need to replace it, then reinstall windows, followed by loading the drivers and applications.

    If you have a Dell warranty in effect, contact Dell's Technical Support for the replacement drive and give the Techie the error message.

    No warranty, buy a SATA, 3.5", 7200rpm, hard drive, check out the Western Digital and Seagate brands of hard drives.





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  • I had a feeling that was the problem but I was still really really hoping it wasnt. Thank you for telling me what the problem was, I just have two more questions.

    The first is what im most concerned about, is there going to be a way that I can recover all of my files such as documents, pictures, music, etc..., because I would really like to keep everything. Perferably a non expensive way lol.

    My second question is if I buy a new hard drive, in order to reinstall windows would I have to buy a windows disc because I do not own one.

  • The DVD error may only have happened because you didn't have a data disk in the drive when the test ran. So you can repeat that one with a data disk in the DVD drive to see if there's really a problem with that one.

    As for the hard drive errors... Crying

    If you're in the US, you can request the Windows disk from Dell by completting the form here. If you're not in the US, you'll have to contact Dell in your country.

    After you install the new hard drive, format it and install Windows, you can connect the old drive as a secondary drive and see if you can copy off all the files you need.

    You will need to install Windows and the right hardware drivers, all in the correct order. Read this about manually reinstalling Windows.


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  • My desktop Dell has XP for the operating system.  I was getting messages on boot-up telling me that I had missing or corrupted files.  Safe mode boot-up would not happen either.  I did the hard drive diagnostics through "F12" at boot-up and came up with no hard drive problems.

    While in the process of installing a new hard drive I found that by simply un-plugging the data cable to the hard drive and plugging it in again that everything started working.  I assume that there was some oxidation on the data cable plug. 

    Anyway, it won't hurt to exercise the data cable plug (both ends) just in case that is the source of your problems.