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Inspiron One 2305 Blank Screen


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Inspiron One 2305 Blank Screen

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We have an inspiron one 2305 setup with the default, from Dell, power savings settings, so after I think it is about 10 minutes, the monitor shuts off. However, recently there has been a few times when we move the mouse to get it to come back on, it doesn't, it remains blank. The funny thing is you can look at the hard drive light and see it is still doing something off & on, so I am assuming this is purely a video feed not getting turned back on to the monitor. We even restarted the computer once and you could tell that windows was loading by watching the hard drive light, but still no video. Only unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in seems to fix this when it happens.

Is this a known issue? Anyone have any suggestions?



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  • If I disable all power management the screen stays on.  The fish screen saver is entertaining, but I don't want it on all of the time.  However, there are times (intermittent) that the screen saver freezes.  Sometimes I can tell that the computer is still working because it still forwards email.  Other times I can tell that the computer has stopped working too because email is not forwarded.  It's baffling.

    Sometimes when I am doing something on the computer, the screen will go black for a few seconds.  Then it will come back up with a message saying that the AMD display driver has crashed due to an unknown error and has been restarted.  Sometimes I can't tell what action caused this.  But lately it has happened every time I try to play an MP4 file.  (I have stopped trying to play MP4 files.  I have ended up converting them to another file format.)

  • I have now run the computer with no power management for five days straight.  The screen has not gone black and the machine has not frozen.  However, I don't really want the screen to stay on all of the time (and I don't want to shut it down either).

  • Lately, I've been experiencing this problem more and I have the MagicJack unplugged. The event log will report the system already crashed. I've even had it happen a few times while I was using the PC and not just when it wouldn't recover from sleep. In addition, I still have the known buzzing problem.

    Look for errors that report the following: The previous system shutdown at 4:22:14 AM on ‎6/‎24/‎2011 was unexpected.

  • don't mean to hijack the thread -- but i am having the exact same problems... just got an inspiron 2305 couple days back... any time the computer display goes off, i can't get it back on.. the lights are blinking so I know everything is working, and like scouth, i need to manually shutdown the comp and restart it for the screen to start working again.   This does not happen if i have the settings set for never turning display off.  When I press the input button I am able to cycle through the different options -- all of which not making a difference at all.. very frustrating!

  • I have no idea why but this worked for me.  I uninstalled the ATI Catalyst Software Suite that shipped with my computer last week and installed the new version (64 bit) released last month.  My All-in-One 2305 (ATI Radeon HD 4200)  sleeps just fine now and wakes up properly.  If you have an ATI chipset, you can get it from the ATI support website.

  • I just purchased the 2305 and am also having a problem where the screen just goes blank, usualy white but sometimes black.  The computer wil not respond to any keyboard input or mouse input or touch screen input.  The only fix is to hold the power button and reboot.  I have changed all the power settings every which way and updated the driver.  No luck.  After scouring the internet, I am seeing dozens of this exact complaint with this computer and now wonder if I should return it.  Dell: Is this a known problem?  Is there a fix?  I am terrified of losing something important I am working on when this happens.

  • It appears that Dell doesn't care about this issue.

  • Someone can try implementing DJTOWN's suggestion. I ended up installing 11.8 on top of mine instead of uninstalling the previous driver. I'm testing now to see if it works. The date of the driver should say 7/28/2011 in device manager.

  • I already gave this a try.  I like the interface, but it did nothing to remedy the problem.

  • I am having problems as well. I new mother board and hard drive are on the way.

  • Are people having issues with new or refurbished systems? I purchased mine as a refurbished.

  • Mine has been doing this since it was brand-spanking-new.  However, the problem got worse after the sound board was replaced.

  • All

    I bought a 2305 Refurb over a month ago now and had this very problem. After a while it would just blank screen and require a hard boot to get it back up again. I tried numerous tweaks and settings suggested here to no avail. However I did find a solution! To this day ongoing three weeks now the computer has not blank screened and is working without issue.

    I believe the problem is with the 2305, Catalyst Software and ATI drivers, here is the solution I used:

    1. Uninstall all Catalyst software from Add/Remove Programs.
    2. Reboot.
    3. Open Device Manager and expand Display Adapters.
    4. Right Mouse Click on the ATI Mobility Radeon adapter and view properties.
    5. Click on the Driver tab and click on Uninstall, once the display adapter driver has been uninstalled your desktop display will shrink as it reverts to the standard VGA adapter.
    6. Reboot
    7. Once the OS is back up sit back and watch as Windows detects (Taskbar icon will show new USB hardware detected) the monitor and reaches out to Windows Update to obtain a driver, it will download and install the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 driver version 8.6321.2000. Once this driver is installed you should not have any further issues, I suggest staying clear of the Dell supplied and ATI latest driver for now until this is resolved. 
    8. For sanity I rebooted again to make everything stick, at which point I have not had any more blank screens occur.
    I hope this helps others out there as my life and wife are once again happy!
  • I installed the latest video card drivers from ATI on top of my existing driver. It seemed stable for about a week and it started to freeze a few more times again. Do you keep your computer on 24/7? I leave mine on all the time, so I would encounter the problem more often.

  • Yes the computer is on pretty much 24/7, my wife works from home so it needs to be a stable system. Since I made the changes and downgraded the driver there has not been a single occurrence of blank screening.