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Dell Inspiron 530 - USB Not working properly - Always asking "Windows needs to install driver software for"


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Dell Inspiron 530 - USB Not working properly - Always asking "Windows needs to install driver software for"

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I am having a problem with USB ports with a clients Dell Inspiron 530 running Visa. The PC had to have the OS re-installed because of bad virus issues. After the OS was reinstalled and all new drivers installed i am getting the constant POPUP about new hardware being added.


Windows needs to install driver software for ____________

please substitute the above _____________for


Unknown Device

Dell USB Keyboard

Dell Photo AIO Printer 926



and there are the normal three choices for each item:


Locate and install driver software

Ask me again later

Don't show this message again for this device.


I clicked on Ask me later, because it allows the keyboard and printer to work.  When I choose Don't show this message again option, it renders the keyboard and printer inoperable.  In addition, the usb ports in the front of the cpu are not working either.  I have flash drives, iPods and an external hard drive that are not being recognized when plugged in.

Does anybody have an ideas? My guess is possible driver related and maybe reflash the BIOS. Based on what my client told me this PC has had issues in the past before it was off warranty and a Dell Tech had to come in an replace some parts.

BTW: these USB ports were working before the reinstall.  

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  • Did you install the motherboard (Intel) chipset drivers.  It sounds like they were skipped and a possible cause for some of your problems. 

    On a manual install the correct and required install sequence is (1) Install Windows (2) Install Dell Desktop System Software (3) Install Motherboard Chipset drivers (4) Install device drivers including Video, Dell sound drivers, Ethernet, etc.

    On the Printer, you must physically disconnect the printer while installing and after install, run the Dell install for the printer and ONLY connect the printer when the install program tells you. 

    If the chipset drivers were skipped you can install them, restart the PC and that should take care of some of the problems.  In a few isolated cases it will take a new correct install sequence to get everything working.

    HERE is the Dell driver downloads.  You will need to know which version of the 530 you have.

    A BIOS problem would be the last thing I would think about in this case.

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  • Thanks for your help. Tried installing the Motherboard Chip drivers. it did not work.

    Are you suggesting I should do a total reinstall from scratch including the OS? Do you think I could get away with installing a second instance of Vista on the hard drive and testing it. This way I can than copy my data from the first windows instance to the new install or would you suggest doing a format of the hard drive than doing a complete install? I wanted to avoid doing a total os reinstall if I can. However, if I have to I will.

    Some more information. I tried plugging in my Flash Drive and it tries to find software for the install but it says it is unable to install drivers.

    I am pretty sure this is driver problem. I dont think it is hardware related because why would all port have this problem.

    Any help or suggestion would be greatly apprecate.