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inspiron 530 hard drive problem?


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inspiron 530 hard drive problem?

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in the past week my pc has been acting kind of weird. occasionaly it will stop loading at the inspiron screen. however most of the time it continues to load and work fine. the main issue is when the monitor shuts off. i have it set to shutoff after 45 minutes but instead it goes to a black screen and displays this message: boot from cd: no boot device available then it lists my hard drive and cd drive. i have to power off the pc and restart to get it working again. i have a feeling this is a sign that my hard drive is failing. i have run chkdsk and the dell utilites( by pressing  f12) neither of which has come up with any problems. i ran every hard drive test and it passed all of them. i also ran every other test it had for everything else it passed everything. i even changed the cmos battery battery thinking that might be the issue. the hard drive sounds fine and i am not having any other issues with it.

anybody have any other ideas of what the problem might be?

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  • Hi Nickm8019,

    Test your hard drive using your Dell Drivers and Utilities disc as follows:
    1. Reboot your system. When you see the Dell logo, hit F12 to enter the boot menu.
    2. Insert the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc in your CD/DVD drive.
    3. Pick the option to boot from the CD/DVD drive.
    4. You will be prompted to hit any key to continue booting from the CD/DVD drive.
    5. You will be prompted to hit 1 to run the Dell diagnostics. You may see two such menus.
    6. Select Test System.
    7. Select Custom Test.
    7. Use the arrow keys or mouse to select your hard drive.
    9. Click Run Tests.
    10. Write down any error messages.

  • i already did that but i did it off the hard drive not the cd it came back with no errors passed all tests

  • any ideas?

  •  nickm8019

    Did you run the 'Extended Test', that performs a thorough check of the hard drive, or the so-called Express Test?

    You could also, go to the hard drive's manufacturer's support site and download their diagnostic utility and use that to check the drive.



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