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how to configure insperion 560 for raid 1


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how to configure insperion 560 for raid 1

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Well dell has big ones... They want to charge me $250 to tell me what I need to change in the bios to enable the intel ich10r sata to be able to do raid.  The machine cost under $600...

Currently the bios is set fo aich.    I have 2 identical drives and have tried both ctrl+i and ctrl+r on boot.
What do I need to set in the bios so I can do this ?



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  • Do you drives enabled in the BIOS?  On my XPS Studio 9100 they were set up for Auto Detect by default.    On my experence with the XPS Gen 2 and XPS 410 and the XPX 9100 I just received that the CTL I will be displayed once you install a second drive in the system.    I think there may be some option in the Regular BIOS to set up RAID also for the SATA drives.    

    Assuming your system was initally setup with RAID Driver (Pre-OS) you could migrate your system to RAID 1 using the existing drive as the source and a new drive to join the array.    The Intel Matric Storage manager is used to migrate on my XPS Gen 2 and XPS 410 the program was installed.    My XPS 9100 did not seem to have the Pre-OS driver installed, so I had to configure the RAID 1 in the RAID BIOS (CTL I).   Doing so will cause all data to be lost on both drives.  

    Once you create the RAID you need to install the Pre-OS driver with Windows 7 or Vista you have an option to install more drivers shortly before you start the OS install (Booting of the OS Disk).




  • The Inspiron 560 BIOS does not support RAID.  You either need to buy a RAID card or use software RAID if you have Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate.

  • I was thiking that too but found the following document that made it appear the RAID 0 and 1 was supported.    Sort of supprised that they had support for a system that starts at abot $300.00.   The document link is for a 560S so may be does not apply to a 560.

    See the following link:

  • I did a bit more research and if you have a 560 without the S, their is not RAID support for it.   The technical manual I found for the 560 and 570 had no reference to RAID.


  • Dell 560 only has software RAID, available in Windows 7 Ultimate (my computer runs it) and maybe available in other OS too I do not know.

    Software RAID is not performance oriented :(

    I use W.D WD1003FBYX RE-4 1TB drives for storage and back-up. For RAID you have to use special hard drives designed for RAID application.  Software RAID is too slow for anything else. Hope it help you.