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XPS 8300 Motherboard SATA ports Sandy Bridge flaw


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XPS 8300 Motherboard SATA ports Sandy Bridge flaw

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My 8300 has the new Intel chipset flaw.  There are four SATA ports on the motherboard labeled SATA0 (blue), SATA1 (white), SATA2 (black and SATA3 (black).  My hard drive is plugged into SATA0 (blue) and the optical drive is plugged into SATA1 (white).  I have searched everywhere for information as to whether the two ports in use (blue and white) are 6 gbps or 3 gbps with the flaw.  If the blue and white ports are 6 gbps, then I will keep the system and never use the 3 gbps ports.  If either of them are 3 gbps with the flaw, then I will return the system.  It seems this is a custom motherboard produced for Dell.

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  • LINK to video


    I believe your ok with this current setup.  I'm receiving my new xps 8300 today and have the same recall issue.  I plan on keeping the unit and Dell is going to replace the motherboard in April.  Hope this video helps.

  • Thanks for the reply.  I reviewed the NewEgg video yesterday, but it only documents blue and black ports on a standard motherboard.  There is no way to be sure that the blue and white ports on the 8300 custom motherboard are 6 gbps.  In looking at many of the standard P67 and H67 motherboards, the ports are labeled 6 or 3 gbps and the colors vary between black, white, blue and red.  I am hoping that someone from Dell can provide definitive information.  Thanks again and good luck with your system.

  • I am really confused here. There is a Bad Chipset by Intel. My New Computer (Delivered 12/10) is on the Recall Notice and Dell doesn't send notices to anyone. I called Dell Corp to try to find out and after to calls to someome in gods knows where said "Is you system showing error messages" I called Corp back and reached someone who could put me to the right area. Someone deep in Dell Customer Care found it, reached it and came back to me with "Yes" your system is "ONE ON RECALL". The good news, I am in there system, the bad news is that they won't commit to a time the fix or replace system or boards. If anyone has a better way of solving this issue, please let me know.


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  • I have the XPS 8300 as well.  Had it about a week before the flaw was announced..........early adopter curse!!!

    Here is what I have discovered in my research over last few days:

    Flaw affects ALL Intel 6 Series chip sets.  P67 and H67.

    ONLY the SATA II 3Gb ports are affected.  The SATA III 6Gb ports are SAFE.

    ALL 6 Series chipsets have (2) SATA III 6 Gb ports.  These are ports 0 and 1.

    ALL 6 Series chipsets have (4) SATA II 3 Gb ports.  These are ports 2 - 5.

    The board in my 8300 only has four ports total!?!?  Ports 0, 1, 2, 3.  

    This leads me to believe that when Dell made the board they decided to use only two of the four SATA II ports.  Leaving us with (2) SATA III 6Gb ports (0 and 1), and (2) SATA II 3Gb ports (2 and 3).  So as long as your devices are connected to ports 0 and 1 you should never be affected by this issue.  Please someone correct me if I am wrong!!

    Mine is configured this way and I plan on keeping it.  I MIGHT replace the board when the new ones are ready.  I don't plan on expanding to the additional ports so there is really no reason.



  • I honestly don't know why you're all in such an uproar over this issue. Tongue Tied

    According to Intel, the problem may only occur after several YEARS of use. Intel does accelerated testing on parts to see how long a new part will last under normal use conditions. So in a few months they can estimate what might happen 2-3-4-5 years from now...

    The problem was only announced a few days ago. It'll take Intel a while to manufacture a supply of new chips. Then they have to send them to customers (eg, Dell) who have to test them to make sure they will work correctly in their PCs and only THEN will Dell manufacture new motherboards.

    So if your system is working now, it's unlikely to fail before Dell can arrange to replace the motherboard. Is this inconvenient, perhaps, but your system is working so stop whining.

    And NO, I don't work for Dell, Intel or any other high tech company.


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  • Ty,

    My guess is the same as yours.  Port 0 (blue) and 1 (white) are likely to be 6 Gbps.  If so, I will continue to use my system and replace the motherboard later.  If 0 and 1 are not both 6 Gbps, then I want to return the system to Best Buy within their return policy period.  I just need someone at Dell to confirm that their custom motherboard has 6 Gbps on ports 0 and 1.  Best Buy said they will do nothing to resolve this issue, other than a refund during their return policy period.  Anything beyond that must be arranged through Dell.  Since Dell has not stated how they will handle the motherboard replacements, I am a little concerned about holding on to my system.  If someone from "DELL" would please confirm the motherboard SATA port configuration, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks.

  • I just spoke with a technician at Dell.  He reviewed their 8300 motherboard technical diagram and confirmed that the blue and white ports are SATA III, 6 Gbps.  The two black ports are SATA II and flawed.  I am only using the blue (hard disk) and white (optical drive) on my system and I will wait for the motherboard replacement.  The technician stated that Dell will review any systems registered on their website and contact the customer with motherboard replacement instructions.  As for mine, he says the actual work for systems purchased at Best Buy will be handled by the "Geek Squad".  It does not matter to me whether I have to take the system in or they come to my home.

  • Thanks for the reply and confirmation.  I thought that was the case. 


  • I received my 8300 on Saturday. I looked inside and it appears that the HD and BD are connected to ports 0 and 1, so if the other two are the flawed ones, I guess it's OK for now.

    But down the road, I MAY want to add other devices. This is why I want my motherboard replaced. I'm willing to be patient until Dell can begin the replacements. I did not spend over 1K for a PC that is flawed, and even if the chipset problem might not manifest itself for a few years, I am not going to wait until the PC is out of warranty and be stuck with this and needing to buy a new computer in just a few years. I had my previous one for 5 years and really did not NEED this new one.

    I'm a bit disappointed in the 8300. My old XPS210 is just a bit slower . Also I tried to play a Blu-Ray disc last night in the 8300 and it would not play. (the movie works in my stand-alone player just fine).I'm planning to call support tonight or when I get a chance. Not good when a PC is not working 100% from day 1.

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't see a huge improvement in anything over my old 210. Am I expecting too much?

  • I just spoke with dell about my 8300 and they said they will be replacing the motherboards of all who are effected by the recall starting in April  2011. but i would contact them to make sure they have you all set up. when that time comes.

  • As long as you don't need any more SATA ports you'll. But what if you want to add a second HDD or optical drive in a year or so? I would take advantage of a new MoBo when they are available, just so you won't forever have a partially hobbled computer. I know it's a bit of a pain, but so was getting the timing belt replaced on my 4Runner but it needed to be done;-). Does anyone know if Dell is paying for the R & R labor costs on the swap (as they, via Intel should)?