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Socket AM3 processor on the Dell XPS 625


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Socket AM3 processor on the Dell XPS 625

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At the time being I have a Dell XPS 625 with the AMD 790X motherboard chipset. The dell representative that I talked to just keeps telling me everything I already know and frankly hasn't helped me at all, so I thought I would come to the community.



Dell XPS 625

Windows 7 Home 64 bit

4 GB of DDR2 RAM

AMD 790X motherboard

AMD Athlon 5600+ X2 Black Edition socket AM2+ processor

Sapphire ATi Radeon 6870 1GB DDR5


Now Wiki is telling me that the 790X chipset supports DDR3 RAM and socket AM3 processors, depending on the BIOS. I upgraded the BIOS to the recent version to the one provided by Dell for my computer (625) and I thought it would be good then, but I would just like some further confirmation. Now I know that no socket AM3 processor has been tested and verified by Dell on this system yet, but there has to be someone out there that would know.


Anyone? D:

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  • The xps 625 WILL support the AM3 cpu, it will boot and recognize it but still needs a bios update. tested a x2 560 black edition.


    Maybe Chris can shed a light on this he runs the XPS/Alien Projects.......Money spent should not be Money wasted.

  • itslocbaby,

    These are all we ever shipped so your in unknown waters. I cannot find any other users that have tried it.
    R472N AMD Phenom 8750Z 2.40GHz,512X3,3C,B3
    R567N AMD Phenom 9850Z 2.50GHZ,512X4,4C,B3
    R473N AMD Phenom X2 5600Z 2.90GHZ,512X2,2C,G2
    R568N AMD Phenom 940Z 3.00GHz,512X4,4C

    These are validated -
    AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core 2000, 2900
    AMD Phenom X3 Triple-Core 2400, 3600
    AMD Phenom X4 Quad-Core 2500, 4000
    AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-Core 3000, 3600

  • Not Unknown waters, I know what Dell has shipped. lets not go around the topic. an update for the XPS 625 for the AM cpu support. your PEOPLE said it would work.


    I listened a bought and i tried....i tried out the AMD PHENOM II BLACK EDITION X2 560 AM3. on the xps 625. it even opened the other 2 cores. 


    The problem is there is no BIOS support or upgrade to the Dragon Platform board Dell put out. Why take the Money and run? why not just


    Support the Product...? Will there be a Bios release to Fully Support the XPS 625. 

  • That is exactly what I mean though, Chris. That is what I've been getting told by every Dell representative I've ever talked to. None of those processors are on an AM3 socket, and even then, the only desirable one is the Phenom II X4 940 but Newegg and Tiger Direct do not sell them anymore.

  • Doouuubbllle postin'.



    So you're saying it WILL work? I'm sorry but I'm having a bit of trouble understanding your English.


    edit: I've already upgraded my bios to the latest one they supplied for the XPS 625.

  • Yes a AM3 will work on the motherboard. the Dell mobo is based on the 790x Dragon platform. AM2+ Dell Just has to put out a new bios

    to fully support the AM3'S. I installed the am3 x2-560 dual core, the Xps recognized it and even opened up the other 2. just go to new egg.

    nice cpu. the laast bios was the 1.02 we need a new one.

  • Response from Engineering -
    We will not write a bios for CPUs that we did not sell on the XPS 625.

  • Response from all your unhappy customers expecting ongoing support -

    How long would it take to modify a bios after your customers have spent so much money purchasing your product? Motherboard manufacturers update bios's on a regular basis, maybe because they have the forsight that if they provide on going support, the customer will return to them to upgrade in the future.......

    Now there is a novel idea........

    I purchased an xps 625 in 2009 and the motherboard is integral to upgrading, without bios updates it is hampering future upgrades I or other customers want to make. After so many phone calls to support, what a waste of time that was.

    Now I believe your thinking in this is that it will this make me return to Dell to purchase a whole new system?

    Why even sell to the public if you are going to fail to offer aftersales support, Thankyou Dell for crippling my upgrading plans.

    As for the post above do you not see how rude and shortsighted that response is?


    dell customer support

  • Well Mr Chris gave me a corporate answer (tough cookies in other words) he also deleted my post.

    i bought a asrock mobo that fit in the xps 625 case with no problem. 870 extreme board. just look it up

    on Newegg. alienfx wont work on it but to me who cares. bottom line its a perfect fit for the case.