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Dell OptiPlex GX270 With an Amber Light


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Dell OptiPlex GX270 With an Amber Light

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Dell OptiPlex GX270


Won't budge! or boot!


What Happened:
A few days ago my roommate smelled something burning and traced it back to the computer. She turned it off and the computer hasn't started since then.


1. Every time I plug the power cable into the socket, the computer starts automatically. And by start I mean, the power button lights up and then nothing.

2. I hear no beeps or sounds when I pug in the computer. It remains quiet for as long as it is ON.

3. The computer fan and the power supply fan doesn't move when the computer is ON.

4. I checked the back for diagnostic lights and they are all OFF.

5. The system light on the motherboard is steady amber. It doesn't blink.

6. I carefully removed the RAM, Hard Drive cables, CD-ROM cables, PCI Card slots. The system light remained amber.

7. I inspected the motherboard to see if there were any popped capacitors and there are none. Neither could I find any goo seeping through them.


The Big Question:
Is my computer dead? or is it a case of motherboard gone bad? or is the power supply to be blamed?

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  • Hi Amyreid,

    Is there a light on the power button?

  • Power supply. Since no fans spin it is most likely the supply and when they go they can smell. Unfortunately the power supply is Dell specific and you will need to replace it with a Dell supply for your system, unless you have  the small mini tower which uses a different type.

    I found this site which carries all three types of supplies for your system model

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  • Thank you so much. I'll try to replace the power supply and see if it works.



    Hi Amyreid, Is there a light on the power button?

    Yes, there is light on the power button but it is amber, an not green.