I'm trying to install Windows 7, 32-bit on a Precision 670 running Windows XP, 32-bit.  About 1 minute into the Custom installation, a "Where do you want to install Windows?" message pops up, and at the bottom of the screen is the message "No drives were found.  Load Driver to provide a mass storage device driver for installation."  

No drivers are found on my Workstation Resource CD with using the scan option.

The SCSI hard drive works fine with Windows XP.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to avoid the need to install drivers, or find the drivers needed for the hard drive to work?

I currently boot from and have my programs loaded onto the SCSI hard drive, and separately store my data and documents on two mirrored SATA drives plugged into the motherboard.  I'd prefer not giving up that configuration since I like having the insurance and the large drive space for data files.  Figuring it might be my only option, I backed up the data and then tried to install Windows 7 on the RAID array.  Although the SATA-drive RAID array was identified during the Windows 7 installation routine as a single logical drive, the installation program still called for mass storage device drivers before the installation could proceed.  I again wasn't able to find any drivers.

Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.