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Semi-Long reboots after installing RAM/Graphic card on Inspiron 531s


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Semi-Long reboots after installing RAM/Graphic card on Inspiron 531s

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Hello, I've recently upgraded my Inspiron 531s with a Radeon 5570 Low-Profile card, and 2 GB of DDR2-6400 ram. After updating the BIOS to 1.1.13, and the latest ATI drivers I noticed my computer was a lot faster. Loading times, gaming performance, Vista scores etc. were a lot better.

The only problem I'm finding is when I choose to reboot. The system powers down normally for a reboot, however it stays down for about 20-40 seconds before finally rebooting. The booting of windows itself is faster, it''s just after powering down and before loading windows that the system seems to 'hang' or something for that 20-40 seconds in an off state. The PC is off and my monitor is in stand-by mode during this time.

Not a major problem, but I'd just like to know why it's doing this as it never was before, and it only did it once I installed the ram/card.

Specs if needed:

Microsoft Vista Home Basic 32-bit SP1

Sempron 3600+

2 GB DDR2 6400 ram

Radeon 5570 Low-Profile Graphic card

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  • Hi Markam,

    Hmm... Just a shot in the dark, but did you increase the size of the page file when you increased the memory?

    Windows will automatically set the page file size to ~1.5x the physical memory during inital install. But if you increase the memory, its up to the user to adjust the page size. Here is how to get to the control from Windows 7 (hopefully its not too different in Vista)

    Control Panel - System and Security - System - click on View Amount of RAM and processor speed - click on Change Settings, this should bring up the System Properties windows. In the System Properties window, click on the Advanced tab - then on the Settings button under the Performance heading - You should now see the Performance Options window - click on the Advanced tab - Under the Virtual memory heading you will see the Total page file for all drives - this should be between 1.5 and 2X your physical memory (3 to 4 Gb in your case).



  • Hm, I don't think that was it. It was already set at 3000 mb when I just looked at it right now.

    Another thing, it's not just reboots but it's any sort of boot. I turned it off earlier to make sure no wires were disconnected and when I hit the power button it did the same thing; seemed to hang for 10-30 seconds before finally booting.

    Also, when I awoke my PC from sleep this morning about 30 seconds later i got a BSOD.

  • Markam,

    Could be a BIOS issue. You could check to see if there is a newer  BIOS for your machine. This forum is full of stories about adding hardware which results in boot delays. Basically, an error is encountered and the BIOS has to "time out" before it proceeds with the boot.

    Be very careful through, if for any reason the BIOS upgrade fails in the middle of the process, it will permanently kill your machine. Only a new motherboard would fix it!


  • That wasn't it either. I loaded the latest BIOS from the dell drivers/downloads page, which is version 1.0.13 dated 2/19/2009. After updating it auto-reboot and it still hung for 30 seconds before booting windows.