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Dell Zino 410 HD Infrared receiver does not work

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My brand new Dell Zino 410 HD (the top of the line model with a Athlon X4 processor and a BlueRay drive) is supposed to have a built in Infrared receiver but I cannot get it to work at all with a Noah Company Media Center Remote. How can I set this up to work correctly? Did Dell for any reason remove the IR receiver from the build spec? Or is there something I have to do to get it to work?

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  • if you dont know yet.. then IR is only included when you opt to get the remote for it. i did the same thing.. thinking that IR will be there irrespective of the remote.. and also the website didnt state that IR is only when you get remote.. but called dell helpdesk and they acknowledge that IR is only when you get remote.. and i argued that it is not on the website nad in the review and description it says built-iin IR (wihtout any conditions).. they then sent the remote and IR for free and technician put that in my zino for free next day.

    so try getting it from support

  • I know this is a bit old now but did you get it sorted? 

    I've just bought a Zino 410 HD refurb and the IR didn't work with a remote I'd bought separately. I opened up the case and took the drives out as I was replacing the hard drive and saw that the receiver was actually in the case but installed upside down so that the receiver bit wasn't behind the window to pick up any signal. I gently took it out of the bracket turned it the other way up and reseated it in the bracket and put the drives back and it all worked OK.

    Thought it might help you or someone else with the same issue.