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Remote Control for Zino HD 410

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I recently purchased a Zino HD 410 to use as my media center. Since I already have a Philips Prestigo remote control I wasn't too worried that the PC didn't come with a remote control, however I cannot get the Zino to respond to any of the preloaded media center commands on the control. 

On the front of the Zino is a IR sensor, but I'm not sure if its actually connected to anything or if it just doesn't understand any commands my remote is sending it. I'd appreciate any info / advice people might have.



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  • TV remotes, even universal ones, will not work. You need a computer media remote. The Dell Media Remote can be ordered for $25 when you order the Zino. Contact Customer Support to see if you can buy one now. I can't find it for sale separately on the Dell site.

    Edit--Check with Philips support to see if their remote has computer media control capabilities. I'm not familiar with that model.

  • The remote does support media center PCs that's why I'm confused as to why the Zino doesn't react.

  • According to the manual (page 23), the IR sensor is "optional".

    So did you order that option? Or did you have to order the remote from Dell along with the system in order to get that option installed??


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  • I know it says that its optional, however there was no option to add or remove one, and I didn't really want to have to open up the PC just to find out. Its a bit poor if it doesn't have one since I bought the top of the line model.

  • Below is the snip from remote help when building zino. it states that the reciver is there and never says that it will be included only when you buy remote, so contact dell and get it installed if not there

    With this sleek remote control from Dell, you can sit back on the sofa and control your Windows® Media Center (requires Windows® 7 Home Premium or Professional) on your new Dell Inspiron Zino HD desktop from up to 10 feet away. This remote control enables you to:

    • Enjoy and record videos and television programs (TV tuner required; sold separately)
    • Watch movies
    • Listen to music
    • Watch photo slideshows
     Media Remote


    This product also comes with two button-type batteries and is ready to use with your new Inspiron Zino HD desktop that has an integrated infrared receiver. The remote is supported by Dell Technical Support for the duration of the limited hardware warranty1 term when used with the Dell Inspiron Zino HD running either Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional.

  • Just to update that dell support is sending me th part and the technician to install it free of charge once i showed them above help text. they said its miscommunicated and because of that they will send the sensor for free.

    so it might be worth it to check with them if you didnt get the sensor because you thought it is already builtin