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Dimension 5150 - No Boot Device Available

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Hi, I need some assistance. Last week as I turned on my pc, it started booting up and got to the Dell screen showing DM051 Series and stopped with the message - No Boot Device Available. When I turn on the pc, the power button stays green, there are two beeps and 1, 2, 3 is showing on the front panel. I went into the BIOS and the hard drive is not displayed; drive 0 (Sata-0), drive 1 (sata-1) and drive 3 (PRI IDE SLAVE) shows drive details unknown and drive 2 is the CD ROM and details are shown.

Here the steps I took to try and identify the cause; 1) I opened the pc, verified all connections and they are OK. 2) I took the battery out, tested and it was good. 3) I remove the power from PSU to the diskette drive and CD drive, same error occurred when I rebooted 4) PC has 4 sticks of RAM total 1 GB. I removed all 4 and tried booting with one stick of 1GB I had but same problem. 5) I remove my video card and reboot..same issue. Put video card back, remove the sound card, rebooted...same issue. The BIOS type was Phoenix version A02, I managed to create a bootable cd and updated the BIOS to A07..same problem. I browsed the web and read quite a few posts for problems with the PSU, my pc has a 305W max. The fans are working but seems slow, not sure if this is a problem. Here are the details of the pc;

Intel Pentium 4-630 3.0Gh Hyperthreading; Windows XP Pro;motherboard Dell DM051; chipset Lakeport-g i945G;RAM 2 x 256mb & 2 x 1Gb; hard drive sata Western digital WD1600JS; videocard Radeon X600 256Mg RAM; soundcard Creative SB Live! 24-bit.

PC was purchased in 2005, warranty passed and don't have any recovery disks. Any ideas what can be causing the issue?



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  • A failed hard drive could cause this. You should run the Dell diagnostics that can be accessed from the boot menu. (usually F8 at the very first screen after reboot) Run the extended hard drive test, not the quick one. You'll need your operating disks to setup a new hard drive or to do repairs if your drive is ok.. Fill out this_form to get another set of disks from Dell.


  • Drive has likely died.

    I would still try to get Dell OEM XP CD's from Dell.


    You can request a free set of backup disks
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