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Dell Vostro 430 does not start up any more (specs: i7 860, 3GB DDR3 1333 MHz, 1TB)


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Dell Vostro 430 does not start up any more (specs: i7 860, 3GB DDR3 1333 MHz, 1TB)

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Hi all,

I have a brand new Dell Vostro 430 i7 860, 3GB DDR3 1333 MHz, 1TB. Been in troublefree use for two weeks, suddenly does not start up any more. After turning the Vostro on:
- it shows the startup screen with the Dell-logo in the center, the intel logo at the right bottom, and the text "Vostro 430" above, and "BIOS 2.2.0" below the progress bar and the options F2 and F12 at the top right. 
- the progress bar fills up to a quarter, then a third, then up to half the bar, then very short to 3/4
- then the screen goes black and show a blinking cursor on the top left cursor In this state the Vostro remains. 
Nothing more happens. No sounds form the Vostro other then the fan. The Vostro responds to almost nothing. It only responds to pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del. This makes it say "Entering powersave mode" and 5 seconds later it starts up again, ending up at the same black screen with cursor over again.

Selecting any other boot device does not make a difference. After selecting any boot-device and pressing enter, directly the same black screen with the blinking cursor appears. The boot options are "HDD:P0", "HDD:P1"", "CD-DVD", "USB: Dell ..", "USB: WDC...", "Pre-boot system assessment" and "Boot utility Partition". I have tried allof  them, one after the other. The result is the same for every choice: directly the black screen with the blinking cursor.

I have also several times tried to turn it of, unhook the power cable, wait for the green led at the back of the Vostro to go out, wait for 15 seconds or so, hook up the power cable again and pressing the power-on button again. This has made no difference.

In the f2-setup I tried several options without improvement:
- at "CPU-configuraion" I disabled every option, so the CPU is used in the most simple operational status; no solution
- Disabled "Quick boot", so it will not skipp any test; no solution
- at "Integrated LAN controllers" I disabled everything; Hurray!!! I see my windows screen again. Can't use my keyboard anymore. Okay, reboot and F2 and switch on  the USB-controllers. Solved.

Strange: I can reboot and enable all LAN-controllers again and the Vostro keeps running fine. So no clear cause is to be found. 

Ok, I will enter this post anyway, maybe in future it helps someone else.

Best regards, Tim van Steenbergen

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  • Tim

    Great post - thanks.

    I had exactly the same problem on a new Vostro 430 (Win 7) machine. Dell have been out twice - they replaced the motherboard and graphics card on the first visit, then they replaced the CPU and memory on the second visit.

    The machine had been working for about a week when the same issue arose this morning.

    I followed your post and as a result found my fix:

    1. Use F2 to enter BIOS settings

    2. Go into "Integrated Peripherals"

    3. Disable the "USB Storage Function" option - everything else remains "ENABLED"

    The machine started up again no problem. I toggled the other settings but, in my case, it was just the "USB Storage Function".

    Thanks again.



  • THANKS, this worked for me too!!

  • Wow - that worked!

    I thought I was going to have to replace my motherboard, or worse, upgrade my whole computer now that motherboards with this socket are hard to come by.