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Zino HD overheating and video issue


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Zino HD overheating and video issue

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I have a fully loaded Zino 400 HD with the 1TB hard drive, BluRay disk, 4gb ram, dual core processor and add-on 4330 video card. I purchased this to use as a Media Center PC to record and watch shows.  It works just fine, until you start actually playing a video. The system gets unusually hot and eventually shuts down and reboots.  The first problem is apparent. If you remove the bottom cover and compare the opening for the fan, you'll see it is on the opposite side of the case from the video fan.  If I leave the bottom cover off, or have an external fan blowing on the system, it runs fine.

I called Dell and they sent out a tech and changed the motherboard, heat sink, and put it back together.  Same problem.  So they wanted to send out different video cards, motherboards, etc.  Now the problem is that no matter what the tech does, the system fails to see and recognize the add-on video card.  It only sees the onboard 3200 video card.  What I first noticed was that when I was playing HD Media Center recorded TV it was very choppy.  So Dell sent out a replacement video card.  Still no go.  Now they sent out another motherboard.  Still does not detect the add-on 4330 video.  They are now sending out another set. 

Does anyone know if there is a jumper on the motherboard to select external video card?

Has anyone else experienced the video overheating with the 4330?  It does not overheat with the 3200, but video is choppy even with the latest drivers.


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  • I haven't looked at the BIOS in this model but the BIOS' I've looked at in current model Dell's they all will default to a plug in video card if it's there and if not then it will default to the Integrated (on the motherboard) video. 

    Dell appears to be trying to remedy the situation - much different than just ignoring it.  But one thing to try, with the PC powered off, open the case and remove the CR2032 CMOS (BIOS) backup battery on the motheboard for about 10 minutes.  This will reset the BIOS in case there was a glitch.  Reinstall the optional video card and power on and see it is detected. 

    Given the compact case design on the Zino it doesn't look very condusive to good air flow.  It would need to be located in an area that allows "adequate" cool air flow even without the add on video card.   An add on video card only exacerbates the heating.  Sales literature does not say anything about the "real world" cooling issues of a design such as this (and not only Dell - any PC company that had something like this would not point out any negatives such as cooling).   

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