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Dell Inspiron 546ST CPU UPGRADE HELP


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Dell Inspiron 546ST CPU UPGRADE HELP

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Hey guys I own a Dell Inspiron 546 ST and I recently upped my video card to a geforce gts 450. I feel it probably will create a bottleneck from my cpu which is a tri core cpu 2.1 ghz. Here is my Belarc info. 

2.10 gigahertz AMD Phenom 8450e Triple-Core 
384 kilobyte primary memory cache 
1536 kilobyte secondary memory cache 
2048 kilobyte tertiary memory cache 
64-bit ready 
Multi-core (3 total) 
Not hyper-threaded 

Board: Dell Inc. 0F896N A02 
Serial Number: ..<ADMIN NOTE:Serial no.removed per privacy policy>
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz 
BIOS: Dell Inc. A11 01/19/2010 

System Model: 
Dell Inc. Inspiron 546S 
System Service Tag:<ADMIN NOTE:Service tag removed per privacy policy>(support for this PC) 
Chassis Serial Number:
Enclosure Type: Desktop 

I can't find much info on it, mostly all I know is that its a socket AM2, I can't distinguish if it's an AM2+ or just an AMD2 as I a, still learning this system. I want to replace the cpu with the best one possible, as 2.1 ghz isnt great for high end gaming at high screen resolutions

Also note, my PSU is freed up from the video card because I use a booster power box to power the card, so the psu is free from having to power the video. 

I was thinking something like this - on the AM+2 Side if I can use AM2+ (or w/e)

I need to know the best processor I can use on this motherboard for gaming so I can finally enjoy games at 1920x1080p. 

The 2.1 ghz tri core isnt cutting it.

Anyone help out?

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