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Inspiron One 2305 support page has no drivers or downloads available


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Inspiron One 2305 support page has no drivers or downloads available

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My company's CEO bought a Dell Inspiron One 2305 yesterday, which comes preloaded with W7Home Premium.  Of course, I have to upgrade to Professional to be able to join the computer to our Windows Small Business Server domain.   Now, I am trying to get everything working again, and need to install drivers for the machine.  But the drivers/downloads page is totally empty for this product, showing 0 available downloads.  I went to the page and registered the machine there, and I see that some of the software, like Dell Stage software is available for download here.  However, many of the software titles are NOT here, such as:

  • Dell TouchCam
  • Nuvoton CIR - (I don't even know what this is?, but was installed on machine out of the box)
  •  TouchSoftware
  • Dell Data Safe

Does anyone know where I can find the software preinstalled on the machine, or drivers, utilities, etc.?

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  • Hi Discochef,

    The support site seems to be having issues. Not sure what to suggest.

  • Hey Guys,

    I'm having the same issue with the Dell Inspiron One 2205 that I bought 2 weeks ago. I always keep a backup copy all the applications on my local disks. So when I go to the "My DELL Downloads" space (URL:, using IE8, I can select software for my other DELL systems. However, I can't register the DELL Inspiron ONE 2205. When I click on "Register System" the site replies with the Error "Service Tag not supported."

    I really need these applications, in case I want to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional or in case of a disaster recovery sceniaro. So can somebody please clarify why the DELL Inspiron One 2205 is not recognized by "My DELL Downloads" and when it will be fixed.


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  • Looks to me like there are drivers available, or whatever the problem it's been fixed.   Click HERE

    The Win 7 64 bit drivers are for any version of Win 7 64 bit, there are no specific drivers for the different versions.  If you have the Dell drivers for Windows 7 Home Premium, for example, they are also applicable to Professional, Ultimate, etc.

    In some cases, if you do an "anytime upgrade" from one version of Win 7 to another basically it's just enabling options that are already there, and you do not have to completely reinstall.  This would eliminate having to reinstall all the drivers, etc.



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  • Sure the Driver have been available for download for some time now. However, I am referring to the "My DELL Download" Service where you download applications like Roxio Burner, the DELL Stage suit of applications, facial recognition software and so forth. 

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     Laurent B.

  • If it came with windows 7 what you should have done is a Windows Anytime upgrade in place so that you didnt need to reinstall anything.

    Microsoft Windows Anytime Upgrade: Windows 7 Home Premium to ...

    Usually takes less than 1 hour to download the upgrade in place via online install.


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  • Some types of Windows 7 upgrade keys do not work with Anytime Upgrade.  A prime example is volume licenses (like MAK keys).  These can only be installed as a clean install, even if the license level that was purchased was "upgrade."

    By the way, there still appears to be no driver available for the Nuvoton CIR device (Infrared receiver) on the site.  Need this to make a clean device manager.