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\...\Multimedia Card Reader(9106)\ShwiconXP9106.exe starts with Windows. I believe it is associated with the Alcor Micro AU643x memory card reader installed on my Studio XPS 8100 desktop.

Apparently, this is Alcor's "Dynamic Icon Utility," which displays a message over the corresponding drive icon that tells you whether a given memory card reader slot has a card inserted, whether the card is damaged or whether it’s in a write-protect state.

My question is: Do I need to have this start with Windows or can I just invoke it manually as needed? I don't work with memory cards very often.

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  • <ahem> The card reader installed in my computer is more likely to be from Iroon Electric Technology in Hong Kong. They make a card reader for the retail market called CR-9106.

    ShwiconXP9106.exe is a variation of shwicon.exe, which basically means 'show icon'. Shwicon.exe is used when a memory card is inserted into a multi-card reader attached to your computer. Specifically it is used to determine the icons and names that will be displayed in ‘My Computer’ when memory cards are inserted into your multi-card reader.

    Shwicon.exe is only needed when a memory card is connected to the system. It can safely be disabled from Windows startup. However, when active it has a total RAM and virtual memory allocation of 35KB (or so I have read) so there's no real need to remove it from startup.

  • Well, on my StudioXPS81, the task manger screen reports ShwiconXP9106.exe as using 900K.  That's close enough to a megabyte to induce me to remove it from my startup list.   I have 79 processes running, so I'm looking to dump any process using a megabyte or more if it doesn't really need to be constantly available.