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Inspiron 580 - New Graphic card

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I hope you can help me


I bought the following Desktop-PC:

Inspiron 580 MT


Intel Core i5 Prozessor 750(2,66GHz,8MB)

Memory : 6144MB (3x2048) DDR3 Dual Channel

HD : 1TB Serial ATA (7200 1/min)

Graphics : 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 5450


Now I want to change the graphic card with a MSI HD5770 HAWK

My problem is that I don´t know if I need to change also the PSU.

And if I have to change it, what PSU do I need and are there any problems because of a Dell standard or something?




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  • Nobody has experience with it?

  • The MSI HD 5770 Hawk is a really nice card I hear.  However, your system only comes with a 300 watt power supply so I recommend that you change it if upgrading to the card.  The 300W PSU most likely does not have the 6-pin PCIe power cable that the HD 5770 will require.  The HD 5450 does not need any additional power from the power supply.  You can use any standard ATX power supply.  If you are bothering to upgrade, I would get something in the 500 watt range.  It is also best to choose a good quality, name brand unit like Corsair, Antec or Seasonic to name a few.   HERE is one from Seasonic I will recommend. 

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  • Ok thank you

    I think I got all the information I need now


  • I have an almost identical spec 580 tower with the 750 chip. When I got it I put a 500 watt power supply and my old 9800 GT. Now I just purchased the same MSI 5770 video card off NewEgg. My only concern is that it's a PCI-E v.2.1 card. I hope it works with the 580 MB.

  • Do any of you know if you actually NEEd a power supply for a good graphics card

  • alegri98,

    On some graphics cards, there is actually a power connection on the end for PCI-E, so that issue is decided for you and requires an upgrade.  On some cards without the power connector, you are still pushing more wattage whether under idle or under heavier use, and the card pushes the power supply closer to its full rating, putting premature wear on the power supply and causing issues with your game play such as power shutdowns.

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