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Optiplex 745 fan


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Optiplex 745 fan

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Hi all

I just inherited an Optiplex 745 that seems to be having issue.

The fan endlessly keeps cutting in and out, the system isn't under load at all so am wondering what the problem might be.

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  • What form factor of 745  (mini-tower, desktop, small form, ultra-small)? The smaller it is, the more likely the fans will run more often, so are you sure this is "abnormal" behavior?

    You may want to power off and unplug, open the case and clean out all the dust bunnies from vents, fans, heat sink, etc. with canned air and check that the heat sink (Caution: HOT!) retaining screws are properly tightened.


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  • [:)

    1.]Hi first thing i would do is make sure you have the most up to date bios for that machine.

    2.Next would be to see if you have an upgraded viedo card. It could be drawing more than the requred power suply rating,if it is its causing your machine to heat up inside.and might end up burning your power suply out.

    3.Also you might want to check to see that all vents arnt clogged with lint or dust...

    Hope this helps,the 745 is a great machine and is designed to run 24/7 without any troubles...best of luck rich.

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  • Thanks for your reply datahog... i'll do as suggested.