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Dell xps-400 desktop need compatible Motherboard ?


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Dell xps-400 desktop need compatible Motherboard ?

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I have a 4 yr old XPS-400 desktop that I purchased from Dell new. The first year almost everything went bad and was replaced including the dvd drive the power supplu and the main chipset plus the memory sticks. Now the system will not read the keyboard or mouse and i have tried new ones and nothing. I only get an arrow in the middle of the screen so i can not access the bioos screen or anything else. I am told i probably need a new motherboard, Are there any compatible ones that will work, I can't believe all the problems i have had with this desktop anybody can help?? I have even tried the little blue jumper trick that someone on a forum told me about. help! i can't afford the 290.oo board is there a compatible one i can put in instead?? I had a 3yr extended warranty and this problem happened about a month after my warranty was up  Figures...Lou

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  • louderr1

    Both the XPS400 motherboard and case are BTX with proprietary features and there are no aftermarket motherboards that would fit into the BTX case available.

    Plus, Dell's OEM copy of Windows will not work on a non-Dell motherboard, as it's tied to Dell's BIOS.

    Try browsing eBay for a replacement.




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