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Dimension 4600 CPU upgrade


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Dimension 4600 CPU upgrade

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I have a Dimension 4600, I just ordered 2 gigs of memory (PC3200) for it and my next step is to upgrade the CPU, it's running a 2.4 ghz CPU right now, and I'd like to go higher.

if I understand the docs correctly, it's a socket 478, but I don't think any ol' 478 CPU will work in it, (maybe I'm wrong?) how high can I go? and what can I use?

I'd like to at least get over 3 ghz

this computer is a big jump up for me, I built it out of scrounged up parts, and went from an old pentium machine with a 600 mhz CPU to this (new to me) machine. I can probably scrounge up a faster CPU for this 4600, if I know what I'm looking for.

thanks in advance.


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