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Studio XPS 435 MT new BIOS 1.1.4 no release notes?


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Studio XPS 435 MT new BIOS 1.1.4 no release notes?

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Hi all,

Today a new bios 1.1.4 has been made available for the studio xps 435mt. Since no release notes are available, does someone knows what has been changed with this release?


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  • I'm more interested if they will ever update the bios for windows 7 i,e slic2.1

  • I would also like to know if this bios update has slic 2.1 and if not will they ever add it in



  • odd, I downloaded it a few hours ago. was just trying to find out whether it's windows 7 compatible finally but then I see it's gone from the download site again. did they pull it?

  • Indeed ,seems they've pulled it.

    Hopefully it gets reposted today, this time with release notes :-)

  • I downloaded and installed the new bios.  I think they pulled it because it was crashing on win 7 64bit.  I had to do compatibility mode to get it installed.  After installing it i used RW-Everything to check if they added slic 2.1 and it seems that they didn't.  I hope they will when they bring it back.

  • yep. got reposted today and no, no slic2.1. too bad. Just addressing an error

    Mainly Issues Fixed:
    1.Fixed that show error message" Alert!...and contact Dell Technical Support " when boot or restart system.

    waiting some more for 7 compatible bios I guess...

  • oops

  • This 1.1.4 still did not address the auto activation in Windows 7. IE Slic 2.1 Bios. Yes I can hack the Bios and make it work but I prefer for Dell to keep up their end. You have given me an upgrade to Windows 7 so let me enjoy it like it should be. This is a 4th time Dell so don't let me down.

    For those with 64 bit, copy to desktop, Right Click and Run as Administrator


    For those of you may need to re-install and want to auto activate till Dell gets their act together. You can copy your DVD sources to a Folder on hard drive and replace 2 files and when you re-install your auto activated.

    You use Dism to mount your target image and replace this. You need a valid key. ? look around here or ask ? there

    Mount your image and takeownership of 2 files and replace from files on your activated system


         Replace with C:\Windows\System32\spp\tokens\pkeyconfig\pkeyconfig.xrm-ms


         Replace with C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SoftwareProtectionPlatform\tokens.dat


  • Interesting, got reposted just today. must have fixed a fix. what a mess. post a bios update without release notes, pull it, re-upload with release notes, pull it again to replace it with another one 3 days later with changed release notes. I mean, it's a BIOS update, better make sure it's 100% before it's posted, not?   And no, as with the one two days ago, still no slic2.1.

  • The bios 1.1.4 help so much for my loud fan problem . Dell expressed that the loud fan problem they know it an issue and they will replace the fans but the update helped so much that I think I am going to cancel the fan replacement cause I am afriad of other problems that might occur.

  • I would have them replaced. Right now they are willing to do it and it can only make it better.

    Other problems may or may not occur but with a known issue it is better to get t resolved. Most likely they have a better replacement fan.

  • Thank you for your responds you are right I just hate going through the hassles of un-connecting everything :)



  • The dell guy came to the house replaced the fans they are so quiet that I feel like there not evening running - This new silent will make me fall in love with my computer all over again for a while there I was just using my laptop cause I hated hear loud fan noise . Thank you again and for all those people with loud fan computers please update your bios 1.1.4 and if you have the patience and mind set call dell and see if you can get your fans replaced .