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Optiplex 745 - Yellow flashing "On" button


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Optiplex 745 - Yellow flashing "On" button

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Everything shut down fine. Next time I tried to turn it on the start button flashes yellow rather than green. The fan starts for a split second

You need to hold the button down for 5 secs to get it to turn off

Have systematically disconected the peripherals, additional video card, the cd/dvd drive used a different power source, hard drive, but still the same flashing light when I turn it on.

Has my motherboard gone?

Its only 3 years old, just bought a new micro, wishing I had known about this problem before ordering as I would have protested by purchasing elsewhere. 


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  • See HERE for troubleshooting tools for your system. Pay attention to the diagnostic ligts as they can often provide more info.

    To isolate the motherboard from the powersupply what you want to do is pull all the ram sticks out, pull all the cards out, disconnect the power connections going to all the drives. then press the power button.

    Check the color condition of the power button light, the diagnostic lights, and listen to see if the fans spin up. If the fans spin up it point more to the mother board then the power supply.

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