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iPhone not recognized with my new Dell XPS 800 (Windows 7 64-bit)


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iPhone not recognized with my new Dell XPS 800 (Windows 7 64-bit)

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No one seems to know this answer, especially on the LONG thread on the Apple message boards.


I have a new Dell XPS 800 with Win 7 64-bit

Intel Core i7 870 @ 2.93 GHz

Dell 0X231R Motherboard

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 Graphics card


.... and CANNOT GET iTunes to recognize my iPhone!!!  It looks like other motherboards running Win7 64-bit are having the same problems, but they have updated drivers or bios which fixes this problem..... Does anyone know if Dell has a fix as well?  


Anyone else having this issue?


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  • SAME PROBLEM, virtually identical system, i.e.

    Studio XPS 9000 running Windows 7x64 Home Premium with 8 GB RAM on

    Intel Core i7 920 with 2.66GHz 8M L3 Cache 4.8GT

    Motherboard is a Dell, Inc. 0x501H / Intel x58

    iTunes 9.0.25 and iPhone with latest software installed.

    iTunes doesn't recognize the iPhone, so iPhone can't sync and is useless.

    Apple solution: (1) restart your PC; (2) verify correct iPhone drive/Service installation; (3) verify mobile device service installation; (4) check event viewer log; (5) reinstall iTunes. When that doesn't work, perform steps (1) - (5) again. Troubleshoot everything. And again. And again. Not a single person reported success with this solution.

    About two weeks ago, I had a long chat with Dell hardware support. They agreed with my position that Dell should support brand-new Dell-built systems running Win 7 x64  and Dell/Intel motherboards that don't work with major hardware components (iPhone) and software (iTunes). Dell's offer:  pay us $69 and we'll work on it. I kept the log.

    Anyone interested in chipping in with me to bribe pay Dell? Or Dell - would you give us a discount in the interest of correct product support, customer relations, and future sales?



  • Did you or anyone ever get an answer to this?  

    I have had the same problem for too long now and it is INCREDIBLY irritating.  I have a Dell XPS Studio 435MT running Win 7 64 bit.  The first time I encountered the problem I ended up having to completely reinstall Windows 7 having been many, many, many times around the Apple suggested unistall ITunes etc etc 'solution' (inverted commas because it is not a solution!). 

    After reinstalling Windows 7 the problem was solved until this week when Apple automatically updated to ITunes 10.  Now the problem is back and I cannot sync either my iphone or ipad.

    I have also tried the previously suggested  'fix' of:

    * Connecting to an added PCI USB card 
    * Deleting the iPodDevices.xml file from C:\Users username\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\iTunes
    * Disabling Bonjour service from the services tab of MSCONFIG
    * Turning on C-state capability in the BIOS (although I couldnt find such an option in the BIOS options for my machine)

    Surely someone now has sorted a fix to this problem?